When We first met, I felt De JA VU

When we first met, I felt De JA VU
Written by: Michael Blaustein (member of LikeLoveQuotes.com)

De Ja Vu

When we first met, I felt De JA VU
I swore in different lives, I was with you.
Images of times filled my mind
Memories so sweet, recollections so kind.

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In the days of the money and the cave men
we were married at the age of ten.
I’d kill a wild saber tooth, with only one hand
Just so I could become your tough barbaric man.

We died young, but lived real good
I’ll tell you of out next life together, because I know that I should.
When Jesus came, we were a pair
Besides eternal life, he gave us one another to share.

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When he was busy raising the dead,
We were in church, our wedding vows we said.
I went to the other side happy, I thought I experienced a good life
Because I was able to call you my wife.

When the mid-evil days arrived, we were here,
I was a gladiator, and you were a princess in fear.
I fought many on my horse, to be by your side
And when I won your honor, off into the horizon we’d ride.

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When I returned home to God, one question he asked me
How could I love you, more than He?
When Columbus sailed, we were around
Living off Mother Nature, feeling safe and sound.

I went to battle for our land
For you I’d die over a grain of sand.
I went to Heaven but had to get back
Because without you my universe turned black.

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During the depression, we still lived in joy
When we brought into this world, a beautiful baby boy.
It was tough, that much is true
But we survived, love carried us through.
I went to hell, and sold my future souls
Just to be next to you I’d burn on his coals.

Now we are reunited, nothing has changed,
Because being together is still in our rage.
Our immortal souls long to be bonded some more
I feel we care for each other deeper, than ever before.
We time is up, I’ll find us you see
Even if you come back as a flower and I as a bee.

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When the future begins, and cars start to fly
Even if machines rule the world, our love would never die.
I can picture it already, I feel a skip in my heart,
I can’t wait for then and our relationship to start.
So when I once more run into you….
I’ll know it’s not fate we feel, But De Ja vu too

By Michael Blaustein 5/25/03