What Younger Women don’t Understand about Dating an Older Man

What Younger Women don't Understand about Dating an Older Man
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What Younger Women don’t Understand about Dating an Older Man

Every individual has a different mindset.  Dating a younger or an older man is the choice of every girl. Some girls like men younger then her, some like men who are of the same age whereas a few want to date older men. See there are pros and cons of everything and it is important for a young woman to evaluate carefully the good and the bad of dating an older man. If a young woman is not ready to understand what it means to date an older man, she can be totally right on her part. [ Read: Reasons Why Young Girls Like Dating Mature Men ]

In this article, we will talk about what young women in their 20’s don’t understand about dating an older man. We will list down the issues that a younger woman has or faces about dating an older man. If you are also wondering about the same, here are the following list of things that younger women don’t understand and have a problem with in dating an older man.

  1. Age factor

Sometime the people who are around you make you feel awkward about dating an older man. They may make statements like why and what is the reason behind dating an older man, you’re so young, why are you with a man older than you?, couldn’t you find a younger man of your age, he is so old according to you. you feel you are answerable to the world and they may judge you wrongly because you are with an older man. You may face criticism because of dating an older man from everyone. [ Read: Different Romantic Gestures from the Olden Days that Girls Miss ]

  1. Physically less energetic

It is a true fact that as a man grows older, he becomes less energetic, less strong as compared to a younger man. Some women prefer physical appearance more than their inner strength. The younger, the stronger and the more energetic. They may not like a man who gets tired easily or his body has become weak due to his older age.

  1. Telling your parents about it

It is not easy for a young woman to tell her parents that she is dating an older man. You may want to hide this from them because you know they will not be happy about it and might as well disagree with you. On the other hand, hiding this from them and secretly being with him will make you feel guilty about the relationship. [ Read: 16 Common Relationship Advice that Holds the Power to Ruin Your Love Life! ]

  1. Generation gap

You are not able to make him meet your friends as they may not like him and feel comfortable with him because of his age. A group of friends need to be of around the same age as to have the right tuning and understanding among them. But it will be difficult for them as well as for your older boyfriend to adjust with your friends who are young like you. People may look at him as your father and you will have you facing the embarrassment and tell them that he is your boyfriend or husband.

  1. Difference of opinion

An older man has surely seen the world a lot more than you so it is obvious that he has different beliefs and opinions about everything. The way he looks at something will be totally different from that of a young woman. This can lead to a clash between the two partners hence leading to frustration and ignorance. A younger woman of today’s generation may expect from his much older boyfriend to share all responsibilities of home and children but he may be having a mindset that taking care of home and children is only and only a woman’s job. [ Read: Holding Back Your Feelings When Meeting Your Exes ]

  1. Difference in lifestyles

An older man would like to live a life that is peaceful and quiet whereas a young woman would want to live a more happening life like going out to parties, hanging out with friends, going for night outs, trips etc. on the other hand the older man would prefer staying at a farmhouse with no noise, having a book in hand and a glass for wine that goes on for an hour or so. So a young woman wouldn’t be ready to understand his lifestyle and be annoyed with him easily.

  1. Ageing issues

Till the time you reach your 30’s age group he might be turning 55 or 60. A man who is already so ahead of you in age will surely have health issues sooner or later. He may need to take regular medications, go for health check-ups often or even feel weak soon in doing anything. This point is very important especially when you see your future of having kids with him. After a couple of years, you will end up becoming his caretaker and it will impact your relationship and your personal life a lot. [ Read: 7 Golden Rules For A Happy Life ]

The above given reasons / issues are important to consider. A young woman may not be happy in being with an older man because she will definitely face these issues. She might not initially understand these factors, but once she is with him, she will witness it herself and know that is isn’t easy to date an older man. The world will criticize you, your parents will not give approval to him, and your friends may run away from you and what not. If a young woman understands these factors, she will know that dating an older man is not a very good option.