What to do When You Sent a Sexy Text to Someone Else?

What to do When You Sent a Sexy Text to Someone Else

Mistakes can be committed by anybody and everybody in this world. It can happen to you or me. Most people believe that it’s impossible for them to mess up, and they believe that it only happens in movies or to some friends. This is absolutely wrong. A text or an image going to a wrong person might be the result of your clumsy fingers or not being focussed enough. [ Read: 7 Ideas for Romantic Love Texts Words for Your LOVE ]

What to do When You Sent a Sexy Text to Someone Else

It is even impossible to imagine that you sent a sexy text to your uncle or some family doctor or worse, to your ex! It is a matter of embarrassment and shame when someone actually confronts you about it.

There is no way you can undo what you have done. But, there are some escape plans to equalise the situation and bring it back to normal.

  1. Don’t panic!

Decisions taken in a hurry or under some tension always result in some deep trouble. Don’t react without thinking. Take a deep breath and scrutinise what you have done. Don’t take any decision in a rush because you might have to regret that decision, too, later on. Take a calm decision and be cool. Don’t try to explain yourself tons of times. If they have not replied to your text, then just let it be. Don’t exaggerate what you have done. Don’t stretch the issue before it actually demands to be stretched. If one doesn’t reply, then just leave it as it is. Don’t feel awkward about it. Mistakes do happen with technology and everybody understands that. [ Read: 10 Romantic Love Messages To Text Your Partner


  1. Publicise that your phone has been stolen!

This thing should be adopted only if the situation is too bad to handle. This can be avoided if the water is still under the bridge. If it’s fine with you to stretch this issue, then let everybody know that your phone is stolen. It is natural to be embarrassed if you have accidentally sent the text to your mom or your guy’s mom or to your boss. Put a status on any social networking website where that person to whom you have sent the text is presently active. This will serve your purpose to escape from the very situation. The person to whom you have sent the text accidentally will think that the person who has stolen your phone might have sent the text. Remember to not send any status updates about your phone being stolen from your very own phone. This way you will look even more desperate and pathetic. [ Read: How to Cheer Up Your Partner ]

  1. Just say sorry!

Another way to handle this hazardous situation is to simply apologise to the person you have accidentally sent the text. Let them know you are apologetic about disturbing them with a ‘non work’ text. Most of the time, it works as people easily let go of such situations. If they accept your apology, then you are done with the issue. If they don’t, then you don’t have to put up with their issues. They will solve what else they demand from the situation, on their own. None of us intend to send a flirty message to anyone other than the person who we connect with on those levels. Even if it happens at times, then it’s not a big issue. It’s the petty price we pay for the convenience of technology. If you are one of those people who mostly sends flirty texts or images to your guy, then you must think of the consequences if they reach somebody else. [ Read: Best Ways To Send Her A Perfect Good Night Text ]

  1. Just act dumb!

With the existence of technology, you have some leverage of rejecting how you sent a message or an image to your friend or family. If they confront about your message, then just act dumb to what they say. Technology has some glitches and everybody knows that. Just act as if you have no clue how that text reached one of your family members. If they reply to your message or image, then just say ”What are you talking about?” or ”What is it?”. If they cross-question you, don’t stop playing dumb until they get tired of you. [ Read: How to be a Good Girlfriend in Ten Steps ]

  1. Just be upfront about it!

When you actually accept what you have done, there’s nothing left for people to say. This is all they want. Just be strong and upfront about what you have done. If you sent that flirty text to somebody else, then just say ”Oh! My bad! Never intended to send that text to you, it was for my guy.”. It is as simple as it gets. It simply means you are confident about what you do. This way it shuts all the drama for afterwards. This helps to make the situation less awkward. This also enables you to laugh about what you have done without shying away from the situation. [ Read: 7 Rules For Texting Your Partner ]

It’s fine to make mistakes but it’s a sin to repeat them. Make a mistake only once and never repeat it. That’s how you become what you really want to.