What To Do When He Won’t Commit?


What To Do When He Won’t Commit?

So, let me guess, the date keeps dragging and dragging but never seem to move on to a relationship? Falling in love with someone who is terrified to commit sucks. It makes you feel unwanted and undesirable, when he won’t commit. It would make you constantly think ‘what did I do wrong?’. You did nothing wrong, maybe you did. It’s confusing and it hurts. Here’s what to do when he won’t commit.

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Did he totally freak out or even ghosted you, when you brought up this topic? He won’t commit, no matter what you do? Well, the first thing you should do is try to figure out if it could be due to something that you are doing or not doing. Once you are sure it has nothing to do with you, go-ahead and ask him directly. It could get awkward but it will be worth it. You will know why it’s not working out and if you could make it work out by doing something. Still he won’t commit? Now it’s time you step back. Stop being there for him always. When he is sure that you are always going to be there for you, he is not going to make much efforts. Show him the cost of losing you. Don’t allow yourself to endure further disappointment or to waste more of your invaluable time. Now he will be left with two options, either commit to the relationship and get you back or leave you for good, so you can move on with your life.

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Try to restrain from over-thinking. He may have his reasons for not committing you, but you should not let it take over you by over-thinking. Don’t assume the worst of the situation. Just because he is scared to commit doesn’t mean he stopped loving you. And do not try to force your feelings on him. And avoid being insecure. If your relationship with him is meant to happen, it will happen. Want more tips on what to do when he won’t commit? Let me know in comments below.