What To Do When He Doesn’t Listen?


What To Do When He Doesn’t Listen?

How do you get a man to listen to you? It is the most asked relationship question. It’s frustrating when he doesn’t listen and ignores what you say. Proper two way communication is the cornerstone of any successful relationship. A relationship can’t strive for long when he doesn’t listen to what you got to say. Ever feel like your man is not really listening to you? Continue reading, i’ll let you know what to do.

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Yelling at him won’t help him be a better listener. Let’s face it. We expect him to listen as much as we listen to him, but that’s not going to happen. Not because they don’t want to, it’s just the way they are. If he is not listening, it could be because you are trying to make him agree with you on something that he doesn’t really wants to agree. No one is going to listen if someone tries to compel them to agree. Most men are more interested in getting to the point. Rather than you explaining and elaborating everything. He is not going to listen if you insist on sharing each and every minute details. Do not brag, do not talk to impress, he is your boyfriend. He is already impressed, you don’t have to keep telling him how great you are. He will get bored and will stop listening. Never make him feel like he is being nagged. Then don’t complain that he doesn’t listen to you.

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He is watching his favorite game? He is on his phone with his buddies? Then stop talking, give him some space. He will get back to you. He can not always multitask. Be patient. Make sure he’s ready to listen before you start talking. Make sure to keep your emotions in check before trying to make him listen. He is not going to focus on what you really have to say when you are high on emotions. He will only focus on what he can do to bring you down or will completely ignore till you are back to yourself. Also do not expect him to be interested in everything you’re interested in. He may not be interested in that talk show that you want him to know about. If he is not interested, he is not going to listen. Try to stick to the subject when he is listening, he will fail to listen if you switch between multiple subjects. Would you like to know more reasons on why he doesn’t listen? Let me know in comments below.