What To Do When A Girl Blocks You?


What To Do When A Girl Blocks You?

What does it means when a girl blocks you? Does it mean she doesn’t want you messaging her? Does it mean you made her angry? It could mean a lot. She might even block you just to see how you would react. A girl blocks you for sever reasons. If you want her to unblock, you have to figure out why she blocked you in the first place. It could be because she doesn’t want you to make efforts in contacting her. If she blocks you everywhere, she is sending you a conclusive message that she doesn’t want to be bothered anymore. But some women would block you everywhere and unblock you the next day. So figuring out the exact reason why she blocked you could be a bit tricky to downright impossible.

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She might even blocked you because she wants your attention and you don’t give it often. She hopes that when you notice she’s blocked you, she’ll get your attention. If that’s the case, you don’t have to worry much. She will unblock within a day. A girl blocks you for many such reasons, until or unless figure out why, she is going to keep doing that. She might keep doing that even after you figure out why. Don’t irritate her, just ask her to talk to you just for once. Use this one call wisely, don’t be furious to know the reason. Let her do the talking, you listen carefully and talk back only when she asks you to or if there’s silence. Sometimes you should simply wait, do not react.

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Don’t act too needy and don’t be a typical man when she is mad at you. She might even block you when she got turned off and grossed out by you. Want to know what to do when a girl blocks you? Let me know in comments down below.