What to do if I Like Someone Who’s Already Taken?

What to do if I Like Someone Who’s Already Taken
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What to do if I Like Someone Who’s Already Taken?

First of all, you need to know that there is nothing wrong in falling for a person who is already in a relationship with someone. But if you think that you will be able to make them yours, then you are wrong. This is morally unethical.

If you are thinking that they might come to you some day would help and wouldn’t make things right. You don’t even know if they would ever come to you or no, so in the first place, till when will you wait for them? Just let it be, all you need to do is move on and let things go. It is you who needs to take an action, do something to help yourself or you will find yourself being depressed and sad. [ Read: Good vs. Bad – What Kind Of Guys Do Girls Like? ]

So if you are facing a similar situation, then below given is a list of few things that you can do that will help you find your way. The list does not help you in getting them or having them in your life, but ways to how you can divert your mind from them and move on in life:

  1. You need to accept the truth

You really need to think practically in such a situation. You cannot just simply sit and make future plans of having them in your life. The best thing that you can here is to accept the fact that the person you love has already been taken and you cannot have them in your life. You should not make game plans for making them break up with their current boyfriend / girlfriend and bring them in your life. Just accept the truth that they do not belong to you.  [ Read: 11 Truthful Reasons Why Women Cheat So Easily ]

  1. Some new people Try meeting

In order to get you mind diverted, you can try meeting new people. The busier you keep yourself, the less you will think about them. It may also be possible that you soon forget thinking about the person you like. Meeting new people will make you realize that the world has not come to an end if you are not with the person you like. You may even find other people more interesting than the person you like.

  1. Keep distance from things that are associated to them

There may be people or things around you that that may remind you of them. Try to avoid those things and try staying away from those people that make you think of them. It may help you forgetting them or at least not thinking about them for some time. The more you see things associated to them, the more they make you miss them.  [ Read: Can Long Distance Love Survive the Distance? ]

  1. Do not talk to them or meet them

If you want to forget the person whom you like but you cannot have because they are taken, then you must not talk to them or meet them. Staying in touch with them will never ever let you move on in life. Your mind will think of them every now and then and you will still have hopes of bringing them in your life. The far you stay, the better.

  1. Let your disappointment, frustration come out

Tell your friends, talk to your family about it. Let all your frustration come out. Even if that makes you cry, cry once and loud for it. It really helps lighten you heart and mind. Especially talking and sharing your feelings with someone close helps a lot. The burden on your heart is less felt.  [ Read: 15 Kind of Girlfriends who can Make Your Life a Living Hell! ]

  1. Take advice

Talking to someone and taking advice like a close friend, a family member or even a counsellor will help you open your heart to them and you get advice on what you can best do in such a situation. You need not really do what the other person has advised you but giving it a thought and execute it if can be of any help to you can be thought of.

  1. Try dating someone new

In order to change your mood and mind, you can try going on a blind date. They are exciting and one of an experience to remember. You may get hooked up to someone even better, or at least you can try n make a good new friend with whom you can talk, share you things and eventually you will surely get over with the person you liked.  [ Read: 13 Pros & Cons of Dating Someone Smarter than You ]

Life sometime really becomes difficult when you are stuck between your feelings of liking someone and the truth that you cannot have them ever. If you ever face such a similar situation, don’t give up on life. Life doesn’t end here. There are many other girls waiting for you in the world who may turn out to be better than them. So don’t be disappointed and don’t blame your luck for not having them in your life. Just think that you both were not meant to be together. Don’t think that loving them was a wrong decision because love doesn’t see anything before it happens. It is just that you fell in love with someone who is not meant for you.

Don’t keep hopes in mind they one day they might come to you. Life and time doesn’t wait for anyone, so there is no point in waiting for them. You need to realize that they are happy in their own world and they do not even care how you may be feeling without them.