What Should I do if My Partner is Upset with Me?

What Should I do if My Partner is Upset with Me?
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What Should I do if My Partner is Upset with Me?

Fights and arguments are inevitable in a relationship. You might love your partner unconditionally but that does not change the fact that you both are very different as individuals. Both of you have diverse personalities which are going to clash at times. You must know that it is very normal. But yes, things could get overly serious as well and that is when you have to pull up your socks and do all that you can to save your relationship. Your partner could get upset with you but you have to figure out whether they will start talking to you again or they have been hurt badly. You must control things while you can. [ Read: 10 Ways to Avoid the Awkward Tension After an Argument ]

Here are a few things you can do if your partner is upset with you:

  1. Apologize

Owning up your mistake is the first step towards making amends. After you realise your mistake, apologise to your partner for hurting them. Your apology should be sincere and heartfelt. Say sorry only when it comes from the heart. Do not say things just for the sake of it. There are various ways in which you can apologise to your partner. Think of a way which would make your partner believe in your apology and would forgive you. [ Read: 15 Must Know Relationship Advice for Women ]

  1. Write a letter

Sometimes, you fail to muster the courage to apologise to your partner. You know that is the right thing to do but you cannot bring yourself to put forward a verbal apology. In such a situation, you could express your regret by writing a letter to them. You must draft the letter carefully and in such a way that it would reflect your feelings adequately. The letter should be well worded and sincere.

  1. Surprise them

A surprise can change one’s mood instantly. Plan a surprise for your partner which would make them happy. You must be well aware of your partner’s likes and dislikes. Figure out what would surprise them in a pleasant way. The surprise should be something that they would not expect from you but at the same time it should make them jump with joy. [ Read: 11 Unique Traits that Make a Person Trustworthy ]

  1. Talk to them

You must have had a heated argument with your partner post which they stopped talking to you. You need to break that silence and start talking to them again. Before you apologise, it is important to take charge of the situation and clean then mess you have created. If they get aggressive, calm them down and request them to lend an ear to what you have to say.

  1. Change yourself

There must be something about you that your partner does not like or does not approve of. It is time that you bring about a change in yourself and become the kind of person that you want you to become. You do not have to change yourself drastically or transform into something else. Start by making some minor alterations in your personality and take constant feedback from your partner. [ Read: 11 Things a Break-up can Teach You about Life ]

  1. Fulfill their wish

If your partner is upset with you for you not being able to fulfil their wish, then you must do that now. There could be something that your partner wants that only you can give them. It is not wrong to have some expectations from your partner. As long as they don’t ask for something unattainable or which is beyond your means, you must try to give it to them. Apart from materialistic wants, they could wish for something else from you. It is imperative that you gauge their expectations and act accordingly.

  1. Take them out

Taking your partner out on a date or just hanging out with them is important when they are upset with you. You must try to uplift their mood by talking to them and making them realise how much you care for them. Going out can help in refreshing their mind and help them think straight. They would be more willing to listen to you and would forgive you. Go out to a place which you know they will like. A calm and serene atmosphere can change their mood. [ Read: 11 Cute and Sexy Things Guys Do That Girls Love ]

  1. Give them attention

You must always be attentive towards your partner. When they are upset, you must give them your undivided attention. Drop off everything and focus on changing their mood and bringing a smile to their face. If you spend time with them just for the sake of it and do not listen to them, they will know about it. If you are not sincere in your actions, they will turn out to be futile.

  1. Make a promise

There must be a reason behind them being upset with you. You must figure it out and promise never to repeat that mistake again. You must honour your promise and never repeat anything that you know will upset your partner. [ Read: 15 Cute Sayings for Him ]

  1. Give them time

Sometimes, it is better to give them some time to get over this phase. At times, giving them some space works more effectively than talking to them. If it is a very serious situation, you must talk to them. But if the issue is relatively minor then giving them some time to get over it would not be a bad idea.

We all get upset with our loved ones. But, we do not sever our ties with them. Do not get very worried if your partner is upset with you. If the relationship is you share is strong enough, then nothing can break it.