What Not To Expect From A Marriage


What Not To Expect From A Marriage

I believe that marriage is a partnership. There should be a fine balance in all things that a marriage is supposed to provide. If there’s o balance of power, there’s not going to be love. Is “happily married” just a cruel joke? Well, it’s not. It is possible to have a happily ever after. But it’s not easy, it requires work, lots and lots of work. Just marrying the person of your dreams won’t do the trick. Do not expect anything if you are not going to return the favor.

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Many enter into marriage expecting it to be their life’s purpose or goal. They expect it to be the ultimate prize they could ever receive. But in reality it is not anything like that, it’s more like a gift box which is filled with everything they hoped for and dreamed about like, love, sex, riches, companionship, friendship and a lot more.

Yes marriage is of course a gift box, but what many fails to understand is that this gift box would never come packed with all those gifts they were longing for. Infact it will be an empty box in the beginning. You can not get anything out of it, unless you put something first.

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This gift box will not come with overflowing love, there will be no love in a marriage. Love is in people and people are supposed to bring love in marriage. It doesn’t come filled with intimacy, no kind of intimacy is possible unless both feel a connection. It’s those certain people’s duty to fill this gift box with love, care, affection and all that’s needed for a marriage to stay strong. If one or both tries to take out more than what they put in, the box will soon be an empty box from being a gift box.