What do Men Think about Other than the Person they Love

What do Men Think about Other than the Person they Love

To completely know a man is as vast as exploring the universe. Every woman wants to understand her man, to know what he thinks about. We men/woman spend most of our time thinking about the people we love but to completely know it also becomes important to know about the things that occupies the space in his head. Have you ever asked yourself what do men think about other than the person they love?

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What do Men Think about Other than the Person they Love

Here is a list of what your man might be thinking about right now:

1) Sports
It can be anything from football to golf be rest assured all men follow and play a sport. The flashes of irritation you noticed this morning or the reason for him missing for more than an hour on some nights, could well be connected to the performance or match schedule of his favorite team.

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2) Cars and bikes
It is no secret how woman envy the special relationship an automobile can have with a man. The extra care, love, affection and intimacy is hard to miss. It not only about the cars it’s mostly about the speed and adventure that thrills a man.

3) Food
It is said that the way to a man heart is through the stomach. Every man is a born foodie and the love for food becomes evident with hundreds of trips to the kitchen, browsing his app to order a quick snack. To keep a man happy just let him eat!

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4) Career
In today’s competition driven lifestyle, career is an important part of your man’s life. To achieve his aspiration he needs to maintain a consistent focus on his career. To know your man it is of utmost importance that you understand and respect his ambitions and dreams.

5) Friends

All men enjoy some boy time with their gang of friends. Like you need some gossip time with your girlfriends, you man too enjoys a beer and banter with his friends. They have a lot to catch up and sometimes simply need a break from the formalities of everyday life. From ice creams to alien invasions they sure have a lot to discuss.

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6) Women

Yes, even in a relationship men think about other women. It comes to them as naturally as breathing and blinking your eyes. This does not mean that they plan to or have intentions to cheat on you, it’s just due to their instinctive need to appreciate beauty in all forms something no man has been able to overcome till date.

7) And yes, Global warming !

Just like you a man can think about anything and everything from an old comic book, a hole in his sock. Their thoughts are dynamic and it would take hundreds of years of study to completely know a man, till the study is over have fun exploring.