What It Is Like To Be A Girl In Typical INDIA


What It Is Like To Be A Girl In Typical INDIA

Ever wondered what it’s like to be a girl in typical India where you are not really treated equal? Gender still seems to be one of the most dominant variables in here. Where the basic right to life is denied to millions of girls even before they are born. India has two faces. One shows women as equal, while the other is the face of a woman who is deprived of her dreams, just because she is a woman.

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If you are a daughter you can’t talk unless you are spoken to, you can only talk back if you are asked to.

If you are a sister and you have a younger sibling who is male he can tell you what to do and you gotta respect him and his opinions for you, the same way you would respect and treat your elder brothers words. Don’t try to teach him what to do and what not to do, you are only supposed to learn from your youngsters if they are male.

If you are a wife it doesn’t matter if you own your own car, house, job etc. Your success can only be measured from how successful your husband is. But few things matter though, like the dowry you bring with you, the loyalty you have for him and not questioning him or anyone with him. And yes, your skin tones matters too and the size of your bosoms etc, but don’t think you can show any part of it outside your bedroom unless your husband wants to see them, it’s strictly prohibited otherwise. Also make sure that your family’s honor placed in between your thighs stays intact till you meet your husband.

If you are a mother you better be the biggest symbol of sacrifice in your entire family, you are not ready to be a mother if you are not willing to sacrifice all that you want and would get to meet your children’s demand. Don’t be selfish by going to the job that you secured through years of hard work, you should only take care of the family. Again make sure not to respond when they call you weak for quitting your job to take care of the family, they will call you weak cause you are not able to take care of both family and job, don’t bother about it, it’s not like it’s the first time people are calling you names.

If you are a grandma, you are nothing but a burden taking up the space in the house that your children and grandchildren could have used to dump junk. If you are a grandma with lots of money you are still a burden, a burden with money, but you will be needed when the people in your house go out and stuff you can guard there belongings and all.

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This is what it feels be an woman in typical India.