What is Love and what is True Love?

What is Love and what is True Love?

You cannot know the true meaning of Love if you don’t experience it by yourself. Love is not all about happiness or joy nor good feelings. And it’s not about the sweet time and beautiful memories that you cherish. Love also includes disappointment, regret, sadness and many other complicated things and some memories some we cannot forget, which is caused by love. While some memories we could cherish that’s caused by true love. [ Read: Age Difference – Does it Really Matter in a Relationship? ]

What is Love and what is True Love

One thing that I’ve learned is, true love happens only once and it will make you complete. But if it keeps on happening again and again it’s not true, it’s just infatuation. True love makes you to fight, it will hurt you, and you will have to make sacrifices, but in the end you will be happy. To make the one that he/she love to enjoy a great life and happiness they may have to sacrifice many things even his/her own life. In my own words It’s better to hurt myself than to hurt the one that I love. Love never gives up if it’s true, but in Love he/she may not always be yours. Love is complicated and sometimes does not make sense. Love will never end, it’s true even you would have already moved on and would have got hurt by the one that you love,you will never stop loving him/her and you will never can hate him/her even he/she already make your world upside down. Love is crazy … yeah you will do something crazy and may be out of your mind just to prove it you love him/her and will do anything for him/her. Peoples often says that love with your heart but don’t forget to bring your brain, I think sometime in true love people do not bring on their brain instead they brings their heart and would get it hurt. That is why Love is a feeling and also Love is blind cause only to our heart love makes sense. The more we love the more we will get our self hurt, but We can’t live without love cause only love makes our life meaningful and teach us how to grow in life. In Love we walk, we fall, we get up, we run, we bleed, we laugh, we cry, we breath, we move … Love inside it, that my life keeps moving and never stop.If you already willing to do that, that’s would be love in yours. [ Read: True #Love Gives Meaning To Life.


We cannot live a single day without Love Cause Love teach us how to Live.

Walk, fall down, get up, as loving, hurt, move on … it’s always kept moving and never stop … as we breathe if we stop we are no longer alive.

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