What Happens when We Start Trusting Someone

What Happens when We Start Trusting Someone

The personality of a person depends on the experiences they have had in life. Depending on the situations one has been in, the kind of people one has dealt with and the life lessons they have thus learned. In any relationship, there are a few basic qualities that decide whether a relationship will last or not. Among others, trust is one of the key qualities that make or break a relationship. No matter the level of comfort you share with a person, trusting them plays a very viral role in life.

What Happens when We Start Trusting Someone

Having said that, many people have their reservations when it comes to trusting people. Blame it on their nature, or owing to certain past experiences, but many people have difficulty in trusting others – even someone as close as their partners and spouses. Whatever the underlying issue might be, trust continues to be an expensive commodity. And there’s nothing wrong with the fact that you have your concerns when trusting someone, after all, trust when broken can leave one shattered and heart broken. Now who needs that!

However, if you have someone you can trust blindly, consider yourself lucky. For with trust, come many other perks that make life just a little more wonderful. Want more details? Dig in.

  1. Someone to confide in

Remember how in the college when you would take the bus and wouldn’t buy a ticket, and got lucky that the bus conductor did not catch you? Wouldn’t you be dying to reach your friend and gush about it all? We always need a confidante, someone we can pour out heart out to. And that level of comfort – wherein you can share anything under the sun with a person – comes only and only through trust. However, be wary Make sure that the person is trustworthy enough before you unload your deepest feelings on him/ her. [ Read: 9 Qualities One Should Look Before #Trusting Anyone


  1. Being in your comfort zone

I bet you can count on the fingers of your one hand the number of people you are so comfortable with that you can allow them to see you in your PJs. With trust comes a level of comfort where you shed your inhibitions and allow the person to have a glimpse of your real personality. Maybe, saying the ‘real personality’ is a bit far-fetched…but you definitely let them in on the no holds barred personality of yours. The person you are at home is different from the person you are at college or work. Only someone you trust knows the various facets of your personality. [ Read: Rebuilding lost trust: a lost cause? ]

  1. Dependence

You know why you count on your mom to keep warm, yumms, palatable dinner ready for you, no matter how late you go home? Because you trust your mom to have your best in her heart. This is the very reason why you don’t shy away from calling your dad when you mess with his car. When you trust a person, you begin to depend on them too. Dependence, many people say, isn’t good for a person. After all it is a tie, something that could hold you back from achieving your true potential. But it is also true that it is assuring to know that you have someone watching your back. To hold you when you fall. [ Read: A BIG Sign He’ll Commit To You In The Future ]

  1. Expectation

So you completely trust your boyfriend/ husband/ girlfriend/ wife. Naturally, you have certain expectations out of them too. To trust you back, or to at least maintain the trust you have on them. Trust is a two way road, it thrives on how the other person makes you feel. Expectations might be harmful, given that you have them from a wrong person. However, when two people have mutual respect for each other, trust-borne expectation comes naturally. [ Read: A BIG Sign He’ll Commit To You In The Future ]

  1. Companionship

Humans have been created in pairs. I don’t need to narrate the whole Adam and Eve story, I am sure we are all familiar with. Yes, we are meant to be in pairs. We require someone to complete the picture for us, to be our partner through the highs and lows of life. A companion. Life is often likened to a journey. And what good is a journey if we do not have someone to share it with! A person can become your companion only when you trust them. This forms the very basis of any relation. [ Read: Do You Love Him, But You Are Not Sure If He Really Loves You Back? ]

Tread with caution, before you actually bestow your trust on a person. Make sure that the person is very well deserving of the high honor you wish to give them. Tell us about the person you trust with your life, and why. What makes them so special?