What Excuses do People Give when they are about to Break up?

10 Lies We Tell When Our Relationship Is Going Downhill

What Excuses do People Give when they are about to Break up?

When we know that our relationship is counting its final days, we try to make ourselves believe that everything is alright even when we know that things are not going smooth. We try to box ourselves into some kind of illusion as we are not ready to deal with the truth. We know what is coming, can see it clearly but refuse to accept it. You want to hide yourself from the truth for as long as you can. You keep filling your head with lies hoping that you and the people around you will start believing in them. [ Read: Video: Boyfriend Flies Thousands of Miles to Surprise his Girlfriend. What Happened NEXT will MELT your HEART


Here are 10 lies we tell when our relationship is going downhill:

  1. Things are good

One of the most common lies people tell themselves is that things are going well and there is no rubble in the paradise. They remain in denial and refuse to accept the fact that their relationship is going through a troubled phase. If you refuse to acknowledge the problem, you will never be able to solve it. If you really want things to be normal again, you have to work on the issue and find a solution. [ Read: 10 Signs He Wants a Real Relationship With You ]

  1. I am right

You should never let your ego come in the way of your relationship.  If there is a problem, there must be a reason behind it. Most of the times people refuse to accept the fact that they did something which created a crisis. Whoever did the mistake, should own it up. They should keep their ego aside for the benefit of the relationship.

  1. Nothing can drive you apart

Love is a very strong emotion that binds two people together. However, this emotion is channelled by two individuals who could be fragile, vulnerable and make mistakes. Love will always keep you together but for that, it requires you not to lose faith in it. If there is a rift between the two of you, do not expect things to get back to normal automatically. You have to work towards it. [ Read: How to Stroke Your Mans Ego when He is Feeling Down ]

  1. Taking a break will solve everything

Couples take a break from each other when they need some space. They think staying apart from each other for some time will set things right. While sometimes a break help people clear their minds but there are instances when it has only fostered the process of two people parting ways. People take a break from each other and never come back.

  1. There are no communication issues

Whenever there is a problem between a couple, there are bound to be some communication gaps. The issue is bound to create some awkwardness and make way for silence between you. You must not let lack of communication drive you apart. Even if your partner does not talk to you, go ahead and start a conversation with them. [ Read: How to Get Your Lover’s Friends to Like You ]

  1. My partner will always remain loyal to me

There are temptations all around. Even if you love your partner, you do get attracted to people around you. Sometimes, that attraction culminates into something which you do not foresee. You break the trust of your partner had placed in you and cheat on them. No matter how much you love your partner, it is important to keep an eye on them when you smell something fishy.

  1. Every relationship has problems

True. But, these problems do not linger for a long time. If you guys are going through an issue which has persisted over a long period of time, you need to talk about it and sort it out. When you face a problem for a very long period of time, it is bound to be serious and should not be taken lightly. [ Read: 10 Communication Problems in Any Relationship ]

  1. I will sort out everything

A relationship rests on the shoulder of two individuals. So, if there is a problem, it needs the intervention of those two people to sort it out. You cannot solve a problem, pertaining to your relationship, on your own.  You have to let your partner in and let them help you in resolving the issue.

  1. This phase will pass

We go through different phases in life and nothing stays forever. However, the way things shape up depend on the way we lead our lives. Believing it to be a bad phase which will pass would be foolishness. You have to take charge of your life and solve the crisis together with your partner. Things will not move unless you push them. [ Read: Common Problems Faced by Couples Who Live Together ]

  1. My partner can never leave me

The bitter truth is that people come into your life unannounced and leave before you realize they are gone. You might love your partner dearly and expect them to stay with you forever, they may not be so deeply attached to you. You can expect your parents and siblings to stay with you forever but would be a little unrealistic from your partner unless you share a very strong bond with them.

When you are in a relationship, you could end up getting hurt several times. When you realize that there is no hope left and the relationship will eventually come to an end, accept it. The sooner you accept the truth, the easier it will be for you to come in terms with it. No amount of lying will help you to believe otherwise. Deal with the truth and let your family and friends to deal with heartbreak.