What am I Supposed to do with a Broken Heart?

What am I Supposed to do with a Broken Heart?

Let it Go… A broken heart ? What am I supposed to do with that? A question that we all ask, a very difficult phase that most of girls and guys had already been through .. some had the ability to get over it, turn the page and move on, others unfortunately remained in a shock state, haunted by memories and tears. [ Read: I Really Love You ]

What am I supposed to do with A Broken heart?
By: Hanan Mahmoud (member of LikeLoveQuotes.com)

Of course, friends used to tell us, “ hey it is not the end of the world !, come on you are exaggerating, you deserve better and so on” Well, as a matter of fact, I have already been told all that by friends nearby but to be honest nothing got any better, I was left every night on my own with a heart that beats nothing but pain, I simply realized that no one can ever help me but myself, am the one who should pull myself up together because I have things to be done in life, I will not stay with the shadows and the memories of the past recalling what is said and done over and over again, re-reading conversations, going to the very same places, while my partner, or whom I thought he was, has already got over it, and I might not be even crossing his mind !

So, I just summed up that people have nothing to do for us but saying “ we do feel sorry for you”,but you know what, I don’t really want anyone to feel sorry for me, this is when I realize I should take a step forward myself .

I was once told, “when a hole suddenly appears in your life, u have two options, whether you fall into it or just fill it up, the choice is yours” As simple as that! [ Also read: Cry Out to the Father ]

Try filling the hole in your chest and in your life then, it’s about time to look at yourself in the mirror saying out loud “it’s over; I deserve to be followed, not to follow”. Moreover, whenever a memory cross your mind, just kick it out! Work hard, achieve progress, hang out with friends, read a good book, engage yourself into something new, meet new people and what is most important is that you never regret your time wasted with the wrong guy or girl, as long as you learned something, it is no time wasted, just make sure you don’t waste more time in pain and regret. At the very same time, pain can help turn your life upside down by discovering a talent in you that you never thought you had in the first place. In my case, pain has turned the words that couldn’t be spoken into good poetry. [ Read here: One-Sided LOVE ]

Every day you wake up, after feeling grateful that you are living a new fresh day, just say “ Dear disappointments, heartbreak, failure, pessimism and frustration, you are welcome to be my road companions but none of you shall be allowed to knock me down !” And remember this very rule this very rule, “ whenever you turn your back, you NEVER look back” At this point, you will feel proud of yourself that you were able to face it all by yourself, not just so, and that you were brave and strong enough to simply Let It Go…

Broken Heart – Written by: Hanan Mahmoud