Ways To Warm-Up Long Distance Valentine Day Celebrations

Ways To Warm-Up Long Distance Valentine Day Celebrations

Wondering how to warm-up your long distance valentine day celebrations? Technology is fast catching up and the world is getting smaller and smaller. There are so many couples who are deeply in love but have had to move away to another city or even a different country just for their studies, careers or family problems. They miss their partner each and every day. On the eve of valentine day, they long to see their partners and feel lonely without them. Instead of sulking and feeling miserable over the distance between you and your lover, you can use certain ways to spice up your valentine day despite the huge distance.

Ways To Warm Up Long Distance Valentine Day Celebrations -likelovequotes

Here are some ways, which will help prove that distance only makes the love grow stronger and help you in making your long distance valentine day memorable.

  • Don’t think of yourself as not having any plans on valentine day, firstly. So what if your partner is not with you? The right attitude and right ideas will help you make the long distance valentine day special and happy for the both of you!

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  • Use the best friend of mankind in this era. Use your smart phone to spend your valentine day with your partner. Send them love texts, share cute pictures and voice messages to turn up the mushiness between both of you.
  • Or else you can use the most traditional method of expressing love – the love letter. You can bet that your partner wouldn’t have expected this from you in this modern age of texting and mailing. This will make them feel close to you and will keep them happy throughout the day.
  • Plan a surprise trip to your partner’s city and land at their workplace or their apartment. Seeing the reaction on their faces will be worth all the efforts and expenses. This is one of the best way to warm-up your long distance Valentine Day.

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  • Set up a video call. Use skype messenger or any video calling client to call your loved one. Decorate your room with love messages and candles. This will make your partner feel a part of your world and keep them connected to you.
  • Have a long chat over the phone on this day and bring lovely gifts for each other which you can exchange when you both meet the next time.

  • Spend time browsing through the pictures of the both of you together. Upload the pictures with lovey –dovey captions on Facebook, instagram or twitter to express your immense love for your partner and lighten your heart.
  • Go up to the rooftop of your building or house and watch the stars together while talking to each other via phone. Remembering and talking about the time spent together will surely warm-up your long distance valentine day.
  • Write a love blog about you and your partner, all the funny stories, how you guys met and finally how much you miss him or her. Publish the blog and share the link with all your friends, family and your partner as well. You will receive lovely comments and likes on your blog which will make your heart warm and nostalgic.
  • Plan a great escape. Make plans to visit a place which is neither close to where you live nor close to where your partner lives. Both of you can meet there and celebrate your Valentine day there in an exotic manner.
  • Another interesting idea to make your long distance valentine day memorable is by sending out voice recordings. It could be a monologue from the movie you both love or it could be the song that you both relate to. Strum the guitar alongside if you can and share it with your partner to express your love.
  • There are many ways to spend lovely gifts and chocolates to your partner via online methods. Make a booking online for the biggest teddy bear or a lovely watch for your partner and have it delivered on the eve of Valentine day. You could also send a huge greeting card filled with love for your partner.
  • Make a dish that your partner enjoys a lot and eat it on the day with your family and friends, whilst remembering your partner. Make sure to let your long distance valentine day partner know about it. Or you may record and send it to your partner.
  • Take time out and make an e-greeting for your lover. Send it to them via email or messengers. This is the most common long distance valentine day thing couples do.

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How many of you are celebrating a long distance valentine day? How do you plan to make this special and interesting for your partner and you? Share with us in the comments section.