Ways to Tell He’s Lying


Ways to Tell He’s Lying

We’re all guilty of a little white lie here and there, I mean who doesn’t lie. He’s lying? He does that probably to keep some stuff in control, maybe it’s good for the relationship. He’s lying, and lying is the only thing he does in the relationship? Then you gotta reconsider his position in your life. Listed in this article are few telltale signs every woman should look for to figure out if their boyfriend is no longer honest. Do not get freaked out if he lies, lying and deception are common human behaviors.

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If he’s lying, he won’t answer to your questions promptly, he will be vague and will offer less and less details. You can figure out he’s lying, from his very language itself. He will be repeating questions before answering them. He will be speaking in fragments, rather than using proper sentences. Try asking for some specific details when he is explaining something He will definitely fail to give accurate details. If you fail to figure out it from his actual language, go for body language. You will notice drastic changes in his body language such as playing with hair or pressing fingers to lips. All these are active indications that he is not being honest with you and the relationship.

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Does his stories really makes sense to you? If he’s lying, he will for sure mess up and change a detail in his story. So look out for it. The details won’t add up. He will either give too much information or too little, is this something that he is not used to in the past? If yes, he’s definitely not being honest with you. If he is is unusually distant and starts keeping almost everything about himself secret, he’s definitely lying to you. Want more tips to figure out if he is not being honest? Let me know in comments below.