7 Clear Ways To Spot A Liar

7 Clear Ways To Spot A Liar

It is always difficult to spot a liar, more so when you trust people easily. A lot of people lie to us when they feel that they have won our trust. Then, there are people who come across as unassuming in the first meeting itself and we tend to believe in everything in all that they say. It’s only after a while that we realize that the person was not speaking the truth. You must be sharp and careful enough to realize when a person is lying. [ Read: Should You Really Reveal if You Have Slept With Your Ex? ]

7 Clear Ways To Spot A Liar

Here are 7 clear ways to spot a liar:

  1. Eye contact

Does the person avoid eye contact when he speaks to you? A person who is lying finds it difficult to look straight into the eyes of the person he is talking to. There is a sense of fear or guilt in him that prevents him from looking straight into your eyes. Ask him to look straight into your eyes while talking. If he fails to do so after several attempts, you must know that he is lying. [ Read: Ways of Gaining Back Your Partner’s Trust after Lying to Them


  1. Ask him questions

Even you have an iota of doubt in your mind regarding what the person has said to you, pose questions to him that would help in clearing your doubts. Even if the person is very close to you, do not hesitate from asking questions. A mind full of doubts will leave you with no peace. You could ask the questions indirectly and in a polite manner but should confront him with your doubts.

  1. Body language

Observe the way he talks to you. Does he come across as confident? There are not too many people who can lie confidently. There is a change in the body language of the person when he is lying. He keeps playing with his fingers, moves his hands rapidly and keeps fidgeting with his seat. If you have a keen eye on his body language, then you will be able to notice the changes and figure out whether he is lying or not. [ Read: Learning Lessons And Applying Them To Your Relationships ]

  1. He gives too many details

If that person gives too many details where it is not necessary to, there is something fishy. There is no need for a person to give elaborate information on a subject where he can explain the same thing in one line. If he is giving too much unnecessary information then he, for some reason, is trying very hard to prove his point and make you believe in him. There are high chances that there is no truth in what he is saying.

  1. Clarity in speech

A person speaks with a lot of confidence when he speaks the truth. When he is lying, his speech is marked by long pauses and stuttering. He thinks a lot while speaking and often seems unsure about what he says. The lack of confidence can be felt in his voice. You have every right to doubt a person’s statement who fails to put together a coherent speech. [ Read: How to Get Your Crush to Notice You and Like You Back ]

  1. The way he smiles

A smile can indicate so many things. If a person smiles when he is talking about a serious subject, you are bound to feel perplexed. Also, a person smiling nervously is an indicator that he is trying to hide something. A person with good intentions wears an honest smile. His smile comes across as fake if he is lying or hiding something.

  1. The way the person expresses himself

Whenever a person lies he finds it difficult to express himself and ends up committing mistakes. You must always listen carefully as to what the other person is saying to you. If he is lying to you, there would come a point where he could contradict his statement. If you doubt the intentions of a person, listen to each and every word that he utters carefully. [ Read: How to Get Over Trust Issues in Your Relationship ]

Falling prey to the lies of a person can harm you in more than one way. It could mislead you, subject you to wrong information and even land you in some big trouble. Don’t let your feelings for a person forbid you from seeking the truth. What would be worse is when you a person is lying but you don’t confront him and urge him to come out with the truth.