13 Ways to Make Yourself Charmingly Approachable to Guys

13 Ways to Make Yourself Charmingly Approachable to Guys

With social media ruling the dating world, face-to-face connections seem to be a passé now! Which is exactly why when you are out with a bunch of friends and you see a cute guy, the story doesn’t move ahead – he does not know how to approach you in-spite of you being approachable.

13 Ways to Make Yourself Charmingly Approachable to Guys

When a guy approaches you, the experience is exciting and genuine. However, do you feel that despite putting yourself out there, not too many guys come over to talk to you? Well, read on to find some tips on how to be more charming and approachable for guys.

  1. Dress Decently

Be sexy, but do not over-expose! All women who think that showing skin is going to make them appealing and approachable are highly mistaken! Men are going to perceive you as someone who has a loose character or an easy-to-get girl. So be a lady and dress decently.

  1. Play with the eyes

It is all a game of glances. Make eye contact with him to let him know you’ve noticed him and that you are interested. Look at him and give a slight smile or keep glancing towards him from time to time and get him to notice you. However, don’t go overboard with the staring or you will freak him out.

  1. Smile

Men may look macho, yet when it comes to approaching a woman they are as timid as a mouse. So if you maintain a smile on your face it will indicate that you are a warm person. Since you appear likable and happy, guys will notice you more and will easily approach you.

  1. Make it easy

If you have realized a guy is noticing you, make it easy for the guy to come over and talk. Walk away from your bunch of friends for a couple of minutes and stand alone at the bar, or walk to a place is not loud, or just stand with a friend making it comfortable for him to approach you.

  1. Don’t be with the boys

If you ever want a man to approach you, never hangout with an all-boy gang because it will never happen! All these guys may be your buddies, but an outsider is going to assume that you are dating one of them.

  1. Act coy

Get you cute girl side out because it will do wonders! Give that happy smile, play with your hair, look downwards and smile shyly – all these are feminine traits which make you very attractive. Any guy will fall for this girly side in you.

  1. Be in the right place

Choose appropriate places to strike a random, casual conversation without attracting too much attention. Places like a book store, coffee shop, a bar are all ideal places to talk to strangers and a bonus is that these places have a lot of potential for conversation starters.

  1. Avoid acting busy

If you are standing alone playing on your phone and you expect that to be a green signal – sorry girl! The fact that you have noticed this guy looking at you and you continue fidgeting with your phone, or reading a book, or simply seem occupied with something, it is a missed opportunity. He is going to think you are busy and that you aren’t even interested, so why will he come over and interrupt what you are doing?

  1. Be friendly

Be a friendly person and talk to everyone nicely. If you stand around with a grumpy face, being rude to everyone, no guy will want to talk to you. Instead, be kind and polite to everyone you meet so when a guy notices you, he won’t hesitate to approach you.

  1. Flirt cutely

Now that he has finally approached you, you need to bring out your top flirting skills! Apart from appearing even more irresistible, all the flirting will convey to him that you like him too and are interested in him.

  1. An open body language

A good body language will make you appear confident and attractive! When you stand straight, with shoulder back, guys will notice you more. Apart from that you always have those sly eye glimpses and a coy smile to play with! All this will definitely make you more charming!

  1. A bundle of Joy

Always be happy and spread the happiness. For someone who is observing you from the outside will enjoy watching you when you are so lively, energetic and full of happiness! This will most certainly get any guy to come over and talk to you.

  1. Get the hint

You have tried giving him the slow glance, many glances to catch his attention, smiled at him coyly, stood alone for a long time – despite all this if he’s still not approaching you, get the message and move on. If you continue trying all these tactics on him, he’s just going to think you are desperate and weird.

Contradictory to their image, guys are not as brave as they appear. In their mind they are just as nervous as you would be if you had to jump from 8000 miles above sea level. So if you are not being approached, the problem does not entirely lie in you. You just need to do a few things to give the guy a boost to come over and everything else will follow!