7 Ways to Make a Man Understand You Completely

7 Ways to Make a Man Understand You Completely

Men think women are a task; certainly not! All women across the globe wish for one thing – for her man to understand her! All you women know that blank stare you get during some of the most critical conversations about your relationship or that offensive walk out of the room leaving the argument incomplete. In such situations, women tend to forget that men have the mental capacity of a 6-year old, they need to be told things subtly or else they will only retaliate.

7 Ways to Make a Man Understand You Completely

Sure, communicating in a relationship is a task and asking your man to understand you is a Hercules task, but it is not impossible! Here are some guidelines you can try to make you man understand you completely.

  1. Give him time to comprehend

Women analyse and talk to themselves a lot; men on the other hand have their heads filled with sports, work, poker and everything that does not come include ‘emotions.’ You may have thought about a particular matter for four days and decided how you are going to present it to your partner- this exercise must have taken you about a week. Now, one fine day you go and let it all out in front of him, expecting a response and reaction immediately. You may get a reaction, but not a response – simply because men are slow at processing. Since you have had the time to think and re-think the matter, give him that fair opportunity too. [ Read: Cute and Romantic Reasons Why Men Love To Date Shy Women


  1. Don’t Shout; Don’t Nag; Just Smile

Shouting, fighting and nagging – all these are going to show you a dead-end! We all know that men do not react well to tantrums, leave alone nagging him for hours together! And what are you going to achieve by shouting on top of your voice? Stress and high blood pressure and a silent, blank looking partner! All the shouting and nagging will only push him towards the negative more and you will never get your point across. Instead, try talking to him in a neutral tone with a gentle smile and of course, keeping it short!

For instance, don’t complain that using his cell phone continuously irritates you and that’s going to be the reason for your failed relationship, but smile and tell him that when you are with each other, try to avoid any distractions.

  1. Respect him

Your man does not have to earn your respect; he deserves it just like you do! By assuming that all his actions have to be about pleasing you and impressing you – you are highly mistaken! He is a human being with emotions too. When you show him some gratitude, his actions and emotions will become warmer and he will respond to your needs and wants positively. [ Read: 50 Romantic Birthday Text Messages For Your Boyfriend ]

  1. Give Hints about your Nature

You will think that he should make an effort to study your personality and know your likes and dislikes. He may think he knows you, but you don’t think it is enough. So stop the blame game and take the reins in your hand! Share tales about your childhood, tell him about your college life or some successful project at work – all these stories will help him understand you as a person and before you know it, he will start connecting with you on a level you always wished for.

  1. Communicate When He’s Free

If you are talking to him when he’s working on the laptop or while he is watching TV, you need to know that nothing is going to sink into his mind. So save your breath for a time when his attention is not diverted. When his mind is free, he will be able to rationalize better, think better and most importantly, respond in a better way! [ Read: 10 Qualities Of A Real Man In Relationship ]

  1. Allow him to Ask Questions

The universal fact is that women talk more than men! Talking more than your man is fine, but you should allow him to express too, because only then will you know whether your actions and efforts are being heard by the opposite person! While you are chatting away, try to encourage him to ask you questions about your life, your work, and your relationship – you need to talk less and get him to talk more. So guide your conversations in a way that make ask you questions and give him an opportunity to put out something on the table too.

  1. Practice What You Preach

Put your moral science education to use! If you want to be treated in a particular way, you should treat him in the same manner! Talk to him politely and he will reply in the same tone; show respect in public and you’ll get that in return; be positive about your relationship and you’ll receive double the amount of positivity back. So if you wish for him to understand you, you need to start understanding him first! [ Read: 7 Signs He Will Choose Another Woman ]

You can refer to this guidebook, but remember that these tips will not show overnight results. Be patient and committed because men are a piece of work and they think the same about women! All you need to do is be consistent and be in love and all the efforts will be worth it! So be rational, communicate wisely and believe that change is possible.