Ways to Love Your Body, No Matter it’s Size or Number

Ways to Love Your Body, No Matter it's Size or Number
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Ways to Love Your Body No Matter, it’s Size or Number

Body is such a sensitive topic that how curvy and skinny it should be. Most of the people make dirty remarks on your regarding your obesity or uneven fat here and there. Body shaming is going viral these days and there’s a tough need to stop this. You probably would have heard some songs in which only the body of a model of Victoria secret’s been given preference. We are told by everyone that nobody is perfect but then most of the people have a different definition of perfect. They are told how to look your best, what kind of a figure is the ideal one or how they should act. We need to have a break from this! [ Read: Does your Man always Stare at Other Women? ]

Everyone has the complete right to love their body. And nobody should think otherwise. It doesn’t matter whether you are dark skinned, short, tall, fat or skinny. Every single body should be loved by themselves. It’s bad if somebody hate their body for no good reason. Keep pampering yourself however you are and don’t miss a single chance to love yourself.

  1. Splurge!

You don’t need to feel guilty if you had that extra slice of pizza or start obsessing if you had an extra glass of wine. It’s fine. At times, it’s all okay till the time you are comfortable with it. You surely mustn’t regret those good things in life which it has to offer. Simple things come and go. It should be as normal as it is. [ Read: 13 Best Ideas For A Dinner Date! ]

  1. Find what you love about yourself!

Find something about yourself that keeps you happy all day. Find all the positives in your body and list it down. You will feel good and worthy when you list all the good things down. Be the girl who is famous for her best part and try to publicize it as much as you can. It will give you more happiness when other people compliment you about the best part in your body.

  1. Love is everywhere, only if you look at the right places!

Other people who are around you affect you in a big way. People who are always negative about their life will never understand the worth of anything. They will seek something negative in everything under the sun. Energy is one contagious thing in life and you always get what you give. Find some people to love and respect, they will give it back to you. [ Read: How Men Fall in Love – The Seven Stages of Love ]

4. Find the best in you!

Find out what you are best at and keep on improving it as much as you can. Make your dream a reality by working hard and proving to the world that yes, you’ve got it! And, you are mistaken if you think you know it all to be successful and to empower your dream. No, you work for it.

This is no end to learning as there are more than million things to learn. If you are good at something, never stop doing it. Rather, excel in it as much as you can.

  1. Try new things!

Do those things which you have never done in the past or you are dying to do them. Take up things which you have been ignoring for a while now and starting picking up fresh interests. If you are hiding away because of one of your loopholes, then overcome it and be confident about it no matter what anybody else says. [ Read: How to Ask a Friend Out? ]

  1. Set up goals!

Set goals for yourself and trying completing it by having a 100% research work in it. You are the sole in charge of meeting your goals. If you’d always wished to lose 10 pounds, then stop saying and work towards it. Focus on yourself and start loving yourself by doing everything possible to improve your way of living.

  1. Treat yourself right!

Don’t let any hindrance come to you in the way of respect yourself. Do the best you can. Do the largest amount of work you can do but supply you with utmost ingredients too. Your body is not a machine and it needs rest mentally and physically both. [ Read: I Wasn’t Treating My Husband Fairly, It Wasn’t Fair ]

  1. Pamper yourself!

If you are one of those workaholics, then give yourself a break because it’s highly needed. You should pamper yourself alone so that you can move yourself forward by being self motivated. This can include having a trip by yourself, or having a chilled out scene with your buddies.

Be comfortable with however you are. You can’t help people being prettier, shorter or taller than you. It’s life and nothing is stagnant here.