Ways To Keep A Relationship Working


Ways To Keep A Relationship Working

To keep a relationship working is not as simple as it sound’s, butterflies in the stomach will fly away when the lust fades and eventually it takes a little more effort to keep the spark going. Relationships are always tough and there will be a point when things are going to feel a bit stale. Love is not enough to build a long term relationship, it requires more than love for your relationship and also requires letting go of unrealistic expectations. Listed below are some basic ideas that would help you to find the missing connection.

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Love Each Other:
The best kind of relationship begins when you love each other without any expectations. Love each other deeply, love them in peace and harmony, only then you could keep a relationship working. The couples who love each other are the one that are “meant to be”.

Don’t Lie:
All I am saying is never lie if you want a long term relationship. Never lie to someone who trusts you, don’t comfort them with a lie, just don’t. You can’t keep a relationship working, if it’s has secret’s and lies.

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Keep Communication Open:
Communication is one of the vital keys that unlock the doors to relationships success. You can’t keep the spark in your love life, if it lacks open communication. Keeping the lines of communication open is very essential if you want a long term relationship.

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When You Had A Fight, Don’t Let The Day Pass:
If your relationship faces any serious argument, disagreement or fight, don’t let it pass the day. Apologize for your part of fight.

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When You Get Hurt Just Forgive And Forget:
Love is not how you forget, it’s about how you forgive without holding on to any grudge. Life becomes easier when you learn to apologize, so forgive and forget.

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Never Talk About Break-ups:
Never talk about break-ups with your partner, it will create an illusion that you are no longer in love with them. By doing this you are forcing your partner to loose interest in you.

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Never Say It’s Okay Even When It’s Not:
Never say “Oh don’t worry, It’s Okay” when it’s not okay. Don’t lie, learn the art of saying no, if you are in to a long term relationship. You have the rights to decide what your highest priorities are, so does your partner.

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Don’t Be The Perfect One. Be The Right One:
You are not born to be perfect, you are born to be yourself, so be it. Don’t change yourself just to impress someone who failed in finding the perfections in your imperfections. You just need to do your best without the goal of perfection.

If You Say Sorry Mean It:
Forgiveness is an essential part of a growing relationship and your partner can not forgive you unless you apologize for your mistakes deep from your heart. A relationship can not last if you can’t mean it when you say it.

Don’t Compare Your Past With Your Present:
Never ever compare your current partner to someone from your past, don’t let your past relationship to hold you back, don’t let it affect your present.

Don’t Talk About Your Stupid Ex’s:
Don’t bring memories from an Ex relationship in to your next relationship, they are called past because they are supposed to stay in the past, not in your present or future. So keep calm and don’t talk about your Ex.

What are the other things that are essential to keep a relationship working? Let us know about it in comments.