Ways to Handle your Girlfriend’s Uncalled For Tantrums

Ways to Handle your Girlfriends’ Uncalled for Tantrums
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Ways to Handle your Girlfriend’s Uncalled For Tantrums

You love your girlfriend unconditionally and there is nobody in this world that is more important to you than her. But, there are times when she puts you off with her tantrums. While you do want her to pour her heart out to you, her unreasonable outbursts make you upset. The fact that she throws tantrums at you is not a reason you would break up with her. You love her too much and cannot imagine taking such a drastic step. But, you cannot seem to figure out how to deal with her tantrums. [ Read: Does He Love Me? – 20 Sure Signs to Read His Mind ]

Here are a few ways in which you can handle your girlfriend’s’ uncalled for tantrums:

  1. Be patient

You must be patient with her. Even if she acts unreasonable and there is no weight to what she says, you must listen to her patiently. The fact that you are listening to her will help her calm down. You must be a good listener even in situations in which you are disturbed by what you are getting to hear. If you lose patience and ask her to stop talking or walk out of the room, it could displease her and motivate her to get more aggressive. You must listen to her carefully before expressing your views. [ Read: Does He Like Me? – 18 Signs to Decode His Body Language ]

  1. Take her out

Taking her out on a date when she is in a bad mood cold help he uplift her mood and make her feel happy. Take her out to a place in which you know she will enjoy herself. Think carefully before you decide to take her somewhere. If you take her out to a place which she does not approve of, it could worsen her mood. Take her to place which you had been to before and have shared some good moments in.

  1. Cook for her

Girls love it when guys cook for them. Both of you are hungry and she is clearly not in a mood to cook anything. In such a situation, if you manage to cook up something really delicious, it would not only whet her appetite, it will also make her super happy. Do not experiment too much. Instead, cook something which you know she likes. It should be something the smell of which itself should light her up. [ Read: 14 Super Quick Stress Busters to Recharge Your Mind ]

  1. Call her friends

If you feel that you cannot deal with her on your own, then call up her friends. She will definitely get a bit conscious and control her outbursts in front of her parents. If she has a valid problem or grievance then her friends could help her sort it out and make her calm down. Sometimes, being around with friends can have an assuring effect on one.

  1. Understand the problem

There might be some reason behind her outburst. You must try to find out the reasons behind her throwing tantrums at you. If there is a problem that has triggered this behaviour, you must try to figure it out and solve it. You should ask her directly and if she does not want to let you know about it, you could find out yourself. [ Read: 13 Little Ways to Make Your Guy Feel Special ]

  1. Hug her

A hug works wonders in a stressful situation. Give her a warm hug and she will calm down. It will assure her that you will stand by her no matter what and she will always have you for support at very step of life. She might not reciprocate by hugging you back but that’s only because she is upset. Hug her for as long as you can. Let her feel secure in your arms.

  1. Change the topic

A very effective way in which you can stop her from throwing tantrums at you is to change the topic. Start talking bot about something completely different from what she is complaining about. Talk about something else. You must be very careful while doing it so that it should not come across as forced. Once you manage to change the topic, do not let he o back to the old topic again. [ Read: 25 Things Guys Do That Girls Actually Love and Hate ]

  1. Talk to her

After you have listened to her completely, it is time to put forth your views. Try to calm her down by talking her out of this discussion.  Address her problems and try to solve them. Make her realise that you want to help her out. There is no dispute that cannot be solved with a good conversation. Weigh your words carefully and then talk to her.

  1. Go out

You must not run away from the situation but if necessary, go outside and come back after a while. In your absence, she will have nobody to throw tantrums at. This will help he become quiet and stop complaining. Also, it will make her realise your importance and compel her to stop throwing tantrums at you. [ Read: Most Amazingly Terrific Tips To Melt Your Guy’s Heart ]

  1. Surprise her

A good surprise can make anyone happy in a moment. Surprise her with a gift or some special gesture which will make her forget all her grievances and become happy. It will maker realize how much you care for her. She will understand that you are an important part of her life and she should not take you for granted.

Even though she loves you, she could take you for granted at times. This should not make you upset or want to stay away from her. There must have been times when you have thrown tantrums at her. You must deal with the situation in a sensible manner and make her calm down.