Ways to Get Through Valentine Day after a Break-up

Ways to Get Through Valentine Day after a Break up

Had a break up around valentine day? Valentine Day is celebrated as the day of love throughout the world. It is special for all the couples in love and also for people who silently adore each other. But sometimes, things go wrong. You might be in the best relationship you can ever imagine, but things fall apart. The timing might just be wrong. It could be during the holiday season, during the New Year or right before Valentine Day. The last time can be particularly hard on people. Getting through the Valentine Day just post a break up can be really daunting and most of the people might want to spend it in their bed sobbing or missing their Exes. [ Read: Here are some cute lines to propose your Valentine! ]

Ways to get through Valentine Day after a break up
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Well, many people tend to engulf themselves with the past memories, pictures, music that remind them of their EX and make themselves miserable up to the land of no return. Some people enjoy hurting themselves by bringing up old things again and again.  There is no escaping Valentine Day. The celebrations are everywhere, in every neighborhood, in malls, at stores, at discotheques and other recreational places around your locality. So is there no better way to get through the day of love than being miserable and lonely after a terrible break up? Of course there is. You can survive Valentine Day or any other day if you get your mind in your control and choose to value and love yourself more than the “events” in your life.

  • Get rid of all things that remind you of your EX

The first step is to get rid of all the gifts, photographs and letters that remind you of your EX. Make sure they are either trashed or burnt. These things are not only occupying space in your apartment but also, in your mind and your heart. Let them be nowhere near you, so that you can start to move on or at least head for recovery from your break up. [ Read: 10 attractive things that men do without knowing about it ]

  • Get together with your single friends

Try not to be with your couple friends or mushy couples during the Valentine Day, as it is sure to remind you of your EX and will make you nostalgic and you might dial them in heat of the moment and then regret it and curse your own self for your decision. Also, try to stay away from the mutual friends you have. They will definitely bring up the topic of your ex and what went wrong etc. You don’t need that. Instead, get together with your single friends who can tell you about their single life and how they have fun and hang around. It might actually make you see some benefit of getting back in the loop!

  • Pamper yourself

Gift yourself something that you always craved for. Buy yourself a fine piece of diamond jewelry or that Rolex watch you always had your eye on. You don’t need a valentine to make yourself feel better and happy. You can take responsibility for your happiness and this is a great start. Go for a shopping session or pamper yourself in the spa. Make yourself feel worthy and relaxed. Don’t let other’s perception of you affect your life in a bad way.  [ Read: Hidden messages behind the different colors of Valentine Roses ]

  • Take a break from social media

Social media during Valentine Day will be full of mushy posts and love related poems. Your friends might tag their respective partners and pour in their feelings of love for each other. All this seems cute, when you are happy. But it can get extremely annoying when you are not in a good position in your life. So, take a break from social media and focus on your real life during this day.

  • Don’t victimize yourself

The last thing you want to do, is go in a rut and victimize yourself for all that has happened with you. Don’t victimize yourself and your luck and life. Make sure you take responsibility for your actions and whatever has happened to you. Plan a great year ahead and try to focus on the future rather than the past. This will help you a lot and make you move on to better and beautiful things. [ Read: How Men Think About Relationships ]

Did you ever have a break up just prior to Valentine Day? How did you manage to get through that time? Share with us in the comments section.