Ways To Gain Back Your Partner’s Trust after Lying to Them

Ways to Gain Back Your Partner’s Trust after Lying to Them

All of us know that lying is a vice. Still, there is no person in this world who has never uttered a lie. We all have said lies on several occasions and have ended up hurting a lot of people. Sometimes, we lie to make someone happy or to hide a truth which could hurt others. Whatever the reason may be, once the person whom we have lied to, finds out, they get upset with us. When you are in a relationship, it is important that you stay honest with your partner and never lie to them. It is very difficult to gain your partner’s trust after they get to know that you lied to them. If your lie does not have any serious consequence, they could forgive you easily, but if you lied to hide something really important, they could find it difficult to forgive you. Having said that, making your partner forgive you is a difficult but not necessarily an impossible task. [ Read: What Should I do if My Partner is Upset with Me? ]

Ways To Gain Back Your Partner’s Trust after Lying to Them


Here are a few ways in which you gain back your partner’s trust after lying to them:

  1. Be sincere

You must be sincere in your appeal. You should ask your partner to forgive you only when it comes from the heart. You should be honest and put across a sincere appeal that would touch your partner’s heart and make them realize that you really care for them.  There must be regretting in your voice and most in your eyes. Do not try to fake your emotions. They will know when you are faking your emotions. [ Read: How to Maintain Your Partners Interest in You


  1. Write a letter

Sometimes, written words work better than verbal communication. Write a letter to your partner seeking an apology for hurting them. Write that you realize your mistake and would not lie to them again. You might find it difficult to confront them. Writing a letter would enable you to convey your feelings without any fear or embarrassment. Yes, verbal communication could prove to be more effective but if they accept your apology, you can talk to them directly after that.

  1. Be patient

Time heals everything. We tend to get impatient in such situations as we start imagining the worst possible outcome. However, it is in such situations that we should hold on to our patience and wait for things to settle down. If you cannot wait for long, you should at least give your partner some time to cool themselves to a certain extent. Let their anger simmer down to a lower degree and then you can think about talking to them. [ Read: 11 Everyday Things to Keep Your Partner Happy ]

  1. Introspection

Before you apologize to your partner, think why you lied to them in the first place. What drove you towards being dishonest to someone you love so much? Once you figure out the exact reason, you must try your best not to repeat that mistake and should refrain from lying to them again. What is the use of apologizing if you end up lying to them again?  You must mentally condition yourself to stay honest to them and stick to that resolve.

  1. Seek help from friends

Both of you must have some common friends who know you very well and would be willing to help you. Seek help from such friends. Invite them home or arrange a meeting in some place and bring your partner along. Sometimes, your partner could be in a mood to listen to other people more. So, bringing in a couple of friends and asking them to help you out could prove to be an effective measure to set things right. Your friends might help your partner to see things clearly and make them realize that even though you committed a mistake you love them. [ Read: She Wrote a Letter to Her Life Partner on his Birthday to Surprise him ]

  1. Stay away

It might not make sense in the beginning, but staying at a distance from your partner for some time could make them realize your importance in their life. But remember, even when you stay away from them you must keep a tab on them to figure out whether they value you or not. Maintaining distance can work either way- it could bring you closer or could drive you apart. In this case, your partner is upset with you and is not willing to talk to you. You could try to use this tool to get closer to them again.

  1. Memories

Although you are going through a rough patch now, both of you must have some fond memory of each other. Make your partner remember the times in which you both shared the happiest moments of your life. You could reignite these memories by talking to them, showing them pictures or playing some video. You should take your partner to a place where you both have spent some good times together.  Just figure out a way to remind them of the wonderful moments. Thinking about those times will make them realize the importance of your relationship and would encourage them to forgive you. [ Read: Guy Writes an Open Letter to His Long Distance Relationship Partner ]

Trust is a very vital element in a relationship.  It takes a lot of time to gain partner’s trust, but you make a mistake and it is all gone. You must be very careful when you are in a relationship and always be honest with your partner. If you think about it, is not that a very difficult task to accomplish. Do not lie to your partner. Even if you know the truth will hurt them, be honest and speak the truth to gain your partner’s trust.