Ways Guys Manipulate and Control Their Girlfriends

Ways Guys Manipulate and Control Their Girlfriends
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Ways Guys Manipulate and Control Their Girlfriends

A lot of guys try to exercise control over their girlfriends. They want to have a say on everything that their girlfriends do and want o keep a tab on all their activities. Being a control freak is not a god thing at all. You must never try to control the way other people choose to live their lives. It is good to have a control on things and situations as it will help you have a firm grip on your life. But, every person is entitled to his individual freedom and he is the master of his own thoughts and actions. S/he should not be controlled or dictated in any manner. A lot of people do not understand this. They feel insecure and want to manipulate and control their girlfriends. [ Read: 12 Minute Signs You Are Being Manipulated By Your Lover ]

Here are the various ways in which guys manipulate and control their girlfriends:

  1. Keep asking questions

He wants to know everything about you. So, he keeps asking questions to you all the time. What really bothers you is that sometimes cross questions you which indicates that he does not trust you completely. Even if you have answered his question he asks again and again the same thing which annoys you. [ Read: Why Are You Still Dating The Wrong Person? ]

  1. Controls what you wear

Every person likes to get dressed and come across as presentable and stylish. What a person wears is his personal and nobody should dictate him about his wardrobe choices. He always complains about what you wear and ask you to wear the clothes recommended by him. He does not approve of you wearing a short skirt as he thinks it will attract unwanted attention. You must tell him firmly that you will wear what you want to.

  1. Sets time

He sets a specific time for you to venture out of and come back to your house. He allows you to go out partying with your friends but asks to come back early. He does not like it when you plan a sleepover at a friend’s place. He does not want you to spend too much time with your friends and expect you to devote all your attention towards him. [ Read: 11 Clear Giveaways of an Emotionally Unavailable Man ]

  1. He is jealous

He gets jealous when you meet your guy friends. He does not encourage you hanging out with your male friends. You do not have an issue with him having a bunch of female friends. So, why he cannot be cool with the fact that you are close to some friends who happen to males. It shows that he is extremely jealous of them.

  1. Travels with you

He does not let you go anywhere on your own. He always insists on picking you up from your place and dropping you at your destination. He does not want you to travel alone. Some people who do this tend to be caring in nature but if you feel he is obsessive about it and does not respect your freedom, then you must know that he has trust issues. [ Read: 10 Big Signs of Emotional Abuse You May Be Overlooking ]

  1. Has a temper

He has a temper and shouts at you for no reason. He gets irritated even if you get late for a date by just five minutes and fires you. You always try to talk to him in the most polite manner and are never rude to him but he does not show that kind of gentleness towards you. You try to calm him down when he gets down and expect that he would not repeat indulging in this kind of behavior again but he does not seem to keep a check on his temper.

  1. Interferes in your professional life

His interference is not limited your personal space. He also interferes in your professional life too. He does not like it when you work for long hours and asks you to cut down on your professional Assignments to spend more time with him. Your work life suffers because of this but he does not mind putting your career at risk for his selfish motives. [ Read: 18 Relationship Turn Off That Have The Power to Ruin a Healthy Relationship! ]

  1. Dominating

He imposes his thoughts and opinions on you and gets angry if you do not agree with him. He always asks you what to do and what not to do. He gives you directions on how to do a particular thing. If your partner gives you advice or shares his viewpoint on something, it’s fine. But, he should not force you to follow his words.

  1. Spies on you

He always keeps a check on your activities. He used to ask you questions directly but now, he has also started spying on you. He asks your friends about you and checks your phone when you are not around. Clearly, he is insecure and does not trust you completely. You get to know about this from your friends and when you confront him, he denies doing any such thing. [ Read: 18 Signs to Know if Your Guy is Overprotective and Dominating! ]

  1. Abuse

No individual should be tolerant towards any kind of abuse inflicted upon him/her. If your partner abuses you verbally, emotionally or worse, physically, you must report the matter. You should stay away from such a violent man. In case he threatens you of dire consequences, you immediately inform this to someone and seek help.

You are in a relationship with a guy but that does not give him the right to control or manipulate you. Love is a beautiful emotion in which there is no space any sort of vehemence or violence. You should not give anybody the right to control your life.