Relationship Warning: When Does Flirting Become Cheating?


Relationship Warning: When Does Flirting Become Cheating?

There is always a limit to everything. The same goes with our relationship too. Even our relationship gives us those *Honk Honk* warning signs before anything misleading. You have to just notice it and fight against it. At times you feel everything is right and it is you who is over thinking it, but, the scenario is something else. Your intuitions are truly strong. Follow them, never ignore them.

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Relationship Warning: When Does Flirting Become Cheating?

Sign 1- If he is too secretive

We know the difference between privacy and secretive privacy, so don’t try to explain us. At one side you are deleting all your facebook messages, mobile texts and answering calls in a hush-hush tone. Whenever we are asking you about this you are lying to us. By deleting the texts and by lying to us, you are actually making us sad and not saving us from feeling depressed. Trust me, never ever try to comfort us with a life. This can be the prime warning sign one must never ignore. Nip it in the bud.

Sign 2- If your partner is ignoring you everytime you are coming closer

Earlier it was like you both were two bodies, one soul. But now, you partner ignores you each time you come closer to them. They make any kind of excuse like, “I am tired”, or “I feel it is not the right time”. And just the next moment they get busy with their phone or laptop! If you were so tired or so feeling gloomy, why don’t you just relax and enjoy a good sleep? Right.

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Sign 3- If you share your personal moments with that stranger

A great warning sign, you mustn’t ignore.You have just been friends with that person and they have become so close to your life that you are sharing your special moments with them! Special moments as in, intimate moments you had with your partner. Is it right that you share those moments with them?? How would you feel if your wife/husband did the same with you? Think think, you have your own sweet time.

Sign 4- If he hides your identity almost all the time

Duh! How cheap and how coward you are as a person. You are hiding your partner’s identity just to enjoy those flings, like really. Always remember that what goes around, comes around too. Better fear karma and stop doing these activities. This clearly shows how you are as a person.

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Sign 5- If your intentions are something crossing the limits

There is a saying, “Home cooked foods are dull and boring. Try something spicy too”. If you feel you will follow the spicy route, then let me tell you, too much spice can cause stomach infection.

Relationship Warning: When Does Flirting Become Cheating?

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Being a human, it is quite obvious that we are bound to commit mistakes. But it depends on us how we deal with them. If we decide to improve ourselves and not repeat those mistakes,  we can enjoy a healthy lifestyle. And if we decide to ruin our life by following the shortcut path, you will get served with KARMA. And to all those “LOVE BLIND” partners, don’t everytime trust what your partner is saying. Intuitions are like candles, it guides you through the dark. Don’t blow it away, save it and walk the road. Rest, I would keep it upto you. Love is beautiful not blind.