Voice Out Thoughts: Tell Him How it Feels.


Voice Out Thoughts: Tell Him How it Feels.

Voice Out Thoughts: Tell Him How it Feels. Is your boyfriend or husband trying to be bossy with you? Are they trying to dominate you? Do you feel suppressed? Do they consider you inferior? If such questions keep coming to your mind, don’t Shut the Window Down Keep Reading. This will help you know, how you can deal with them in the future. All the girls out there need to understand that gone are the days, when staying submissive to men was the only option left with you. No! Time has come when you need to STAND UP for Yourself. You need to Voice Out Your Thoughts and make Him understand How it feels.

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Voice Out Thoughts Tell Him How it Feels.

By Standing Up for Yourself, we mean you should not let Him treat you as an object which lack Feelings. Do let Him know that you are a Human Being too and it Hurts when Someone treats you Bad. Mostly it is seen that Men try to overpower the Women. They think women are the puppets in their hands. This very notion gives them power to treat them as they feel like. They think that women are inferior beings and can easily be dominated by them.

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Voice Is Power

Time has arrived when Girls need to take a step forward and start asserting themselves. Staying quite is never a option. It is the sign of the weak. To save yourself from all kinds of torture. You will have to Learn to Voice out your thoughts. Therefore, if you really want men to Understand you and your Feelings, you first need to come out of your Shell. Once you are out of it, slowly and gradually you will understand that how important it is to speak our thoughts. Never Let anyone make you feel Small or Inferior. A relationship can only be successful when both the Partners are considered to Equal. This is because a relationship is like a Partnership.

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We come across, women who prefer staying even in a bad relationship. This is not the right approach. What is the use of staying in a place which brings nothing but unhappiness. Girls need to let such men go. They are not worth your Time. Therefore, Don’t let anyone curb your desires, wishes and aspirations. Therefore, girls need to understand that staying silent is not the solution to your problems Hence, it is very necessary to Stand and Speak for Yourself.