Virgo – All You Need To Know About Them


Virgo – All You Need To Know About Them

Really?? You really want to know all about THE VIRGO?? If any of one Virgo friend is reading this, I would like to apologize for being so late in penning down my thoughts regarding you all. Thus, without much ado, let’s get going.

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Virgo - All You Need To Know About Them

August 23 – September 22

1/They prefer doing things after analyzing

Planning things, analyzing them, and above all, preparations. Be it that simple dinner date or that long-planned holiday, preparations and plannings are a must for them. Actually, if we see analyze all the Zodiac signs, #Virgo has the most planned out mind.

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2/ Attentive Listener

If you need someone to research on a topic or someone to listen to your words with all their mind, you’ve come to the right place. #Virgos will listen to you with full attention they will not interrupt in between unless your speech is over.

3/Loyal and Practical

Very rare combination.Let me explain you with an example- When they fall in love with someone, I mean serious love, they will shower you with all those unexpected romantic flowers. But, at the same time, they don’t deny their gratitude towards their official works. They are practical and values the importance of money in their life. They know that loyalty should never overcome their practical mind. And this is what makes them successful in both the spheres- Romance and Work. #HatsOff

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4/They are choosy especially.

In the case of love. They have certain established standards, and they never compromise below that. Standards as in, they prefer a functional brain over a handsome face. If you can impress them with your witty talks, they are yours forever. And loyalty, read the previous points again.

5/Maverick Soul

Flying like an independent soul, dreaming of making their dreams come true, traveling the world, and try to stop them

and they will show you your real place. Respect their independent feelings and they will be your favourite friend. Guide them to walk the path or motivate their self-esteem and they will always walk the road with you, no matter how tough the road be.

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6/Extremely spick and span

You will never find an iron table been occupied with clothes nor you will find their bathroom filled with useless empty bottles. They love keeping their room and their surrounding clean. Once you enter their room be sure to get some serious goosebumps, cause their room is just how you see in movies, ORGANISED. They hate those who display their used clothes or socks and just can’t bear any kinds of untidy attitude.

7/They have this inbuilt lie detector

Their sixth sense can detect a lie even from miles away. They hate dishonest prefers to stay miles away from such people. Fake attitude or fake promises not only angers them but also hurts them emotionally. So, if you are thinking to hurt them or break their hurt by your fake means, please step away. They are beyond your imaginations and even beyond mine. Let me keep it like this for you to understand.

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8/ They never care for themselves

I have felt this very often. Having a Virgo friend is both interesting and lucky at the same time. When they love you, they will always keep your happiness above theirs. To them, your emotions are more important and can go to any extent to bring your smile back. Even in this long run, they get hurt, they won’t care about it. So, if you love them truly always be by their side and pamper this goofy human being. I can assure you, being friends with them will only give you happiness and this happiness, increases with the time.

Virgo - All You Need To Know About Them

So, this was the caring, loyal, practical and maverick #Virgo. For more information, kindly date them. You will love the experience, just avoid being fake and be honest. Have a nice future ahead.