Very Nice Rules of Love for Couples

Very Nice Rules of Love for Couples

There is no emotion more confusing than love. No matter how many books you read about it, how many people you discuss with about the various pains of love, no matter how many romantic movies you watch or where you turn to for your love problems, chances are you will always be plagued by one or the other love problems, or a I call them, the pain of the committed heart.

Very Nice Rules of Love for Couples

In the beginning of any relation, when you both are so fresh into each other, when you look at the world with rose tinted glasses and everything looks so amazing and bright, there’s one constant worry that could be eating into your happiness, and that is – is this for real? This love, will it last? Of course, as you both grow comfortable around each other have been in the relationship for quite some time, this question is replaced by a hundred other questions. How do I make sure that he/ she stays? How should I behave around him/ her? Am I being too lenient or taking my partner for granted? Is my attitude harming my relationship? Worry not friend, you are not alone. These question have given and continue giving sleepless nights to endless people around the globe. Love is very simple, yet very difficult to comprehend. I’ll help you out by simplifying it a little more so that your mind can be eased a little.

Listed are the top five rules that help you stay in the relationship. And stay happy. So here goes.

  1. Love is a verb

Saying I love you, though important, is not the enough. Actions go a long way to show that you actually love and care for a person. What good is saying I love you, when you can’t spare five minutes when your man needs your help picking up a shirt? Be available, be patient and be considerate. Manifest your love whenever you can and show it through your actions. Actions definitely speak louder than words, and it is very true when it comes to demonstrating your love. [ Read: A Heartfelt Message For The Best Wife From Her Husband


  1. Keep some mystery going

Knowing each other inside out is important, after all you both have decided to spend your life together. Obviously, you know your partner’s tastes, their favorite color, restaurant, and their kind of music. However, come to think of it, if you know the other person completely, there is no essence of mystery about the relationship! So keep your partner’s interest piqued by acting a bit different every now and then. If you are a pizza fan, go to a Thai restaurant just to try something new. [ Read: 12 Secret Rules of a Happy Relationship. SHH! ]

  1. Away time is important

Distance does make the heart go fonder! All the plans about what you’ll do to welcome your husband back from the office trip. The special arrangements to welcome your wife back from the all-girls vacation. Ooh! Isn’t the very thought tantalizing. Distance gives you a chance to miss your significant other, and you remind yourself of all the reasons why you so much love that person! Away time, every now and the, will do you both a world of good. [ Read: 7 Rules For Texting Your Partner ]

  1. Accept the little ticks

Acceptance forms the basis of any relationship where two people are involved. You cannot love a person truly until and unless you accept them for what they are and as they are. No matter how weird ticks you partner has, accept them as a part of their personality. Whether it is fidgeting with the hair or clucking the tongue at odd times – it is all that makes the person, accept that and love the person as a whole. You can never find a person who is exactly what you want, so love and respect what you have. [ Read: 16 Reasons Why My #Love Is Only For You ]

  1. Watch your words

Yes, a relationship of love is no holds barred. You can speak your heart out without having the other person judge you. That is the whole point of having a partner right? However, every relation comes with its own degree of respect, and make sure that you maintain that at all times. Being polite won’t hurt, even when you are with your loved one, lying by the pool. Also, certain things should be left to be gossiped with your guy friends/ girlfriends. Don’t go on cribbing excessively, it might make the other person run in the opposite direction! [ Read: Partners Should Be Good Friends For Successful Relationships ]

So, here people, follow these rules for a blissful relationship. It’s not as much work as it may seem. All you need to do is tread cautiously and give the other person the respect they deserve. Do you have some wisdom to share too? Please do so in the comments below.