Valentine Week – What does each day mean?

Valentine Week – What does each day mean?

Do you know about Valentine Week? Who says that celebration of love lasts only for a day? Make sure you make the most of every day of the entire Valentine Week with your lover. Love should be celebrated everyday with our near and dear ones. To make it more practical, we celebrate Valentine day throughout the world, to make each other feel special, loved and blessed. These days, Valentine day has been extended to an entire week. This week is full of different surprises and each day in the week signifies a different emotion and feeling toward your loved one. We start right from February the seventh and go on to, February the fourteenth right up to Valentine Day. Make them feel special and loved through the week and watch their face light up with a lovely smile. [ Read: 7 Most Romantic Valentine’s Day Tips For Girls ]

Valentine Week – What does each day mean?

But are you aware of what each day in the Valentine Week stands for? What’s it significance and how must it be celebrated? Let’s go ahead and see what each day stands for!

♥ 7th February – Rose Day

Start off the valentine week with an innocent and charming gesture of presenting a rose to your loved one. There are different colors of roses that you could choose from. Red is the favorite with all lovers universally. Red roses signify deep and pure love. They also show passion and romance. [ Read: Hidden messages behind the different colors of Valentine Roses ]

8th February – Propose Day

This is a bit critical and you need to prepare yourself well for it for ladies, you might get proposed by someone special this day. And guys, you might have to pop the question to your lady love on this special day, Make sure you plan it well and surprise her with an exotic way of proposing.

♥ 9th February – Chocolate Day

What better way to celebrate the acceptance of proposal than with chocolates. Gift your valentine, all sorts of sumptuous chocolates. It could be a Dark chocolate, milk chocolate, coffee chocolate and one with different flavors. No one can resist a sweet treat gifted by their loved one. Share the chocolate with your partner and make your day sweet and delicious. [ Read: 7 Most Romantic Valentine’s Day Tips For Guys ]

10th February – Teddy Day

Girls love teddies. They often call their boyfriends or spouses, “teddy”. Teddies are huggable, cute and make for a perfect gift during the Valentine. What is a better gift than a cute teddy bear holding a heart saying “I love you” to your valentine. More so, this soft toy will always remind your valentine of you and your love.

11th February- Promise Day

It’s time to get serious, with the advent of Promise Day. Exchange a few vows and promises to keep your love sacred and pure. Convince your partner of your pure love and lace it with few promises which you would keep for your entire life.  You could also exchange lovely promise rings with your spouse or fiancée to mark this special day. [ Read: 7 Ways to Express Yourself and Keep a Healthy Relationship ]

12th February – Hug Day

This is the most special day when it comes to the valentine week. You get to hold your lovely valentine in your embrace and whisper sweet nothings to them.  Hugging calms senses and makes you feel close to the person in your embrace. Make sure you make the most of this day, by holding on to your lover throughout the day.

13th February – Kiss Day

This day is extremely special. You can get close and personal with your loved one on this day just before celebrating the Valentine Day. Share a romantic kiss with your lover and make the upcoming valentine day much more special and exciting for both of you. [ Read: What Are Seven Days After Valentine Day – Most Of You Don’t Know About ]

14th February – VALENTINE DAY

The wait is finally over. You are free to celebrate the most awaited Valentine Day with your loving partner and make it memorable for years to come. Make a special plan for this day. Dress yourself in the color of love, red and dance to slow music with your partner. This is the perfect day to confess all your heart felt feelings to your lover. [ Read here: Here are some cute lines to propose your Valentine! ]

What are your plans for the valentine week? Share with us in the comment section.