How To Overcome Breakup or Rather an Unwonted Breakup


How To Overcome Breakup or Rather an Unwonted Breakup

Breakups are hard, especially when you face an unwonted breakup, your life takes a nasty turn which you never imagined. Things are going to be sad and stressful, you will get flashbacks of all those memories that once brought a smile to your face. But believe me and believe yourself, this was the best for you both. You will experience mixed emotions- angry, sad, confused all at the same time. Your mind will mingle with so many thoughts like- why it happened, you both loved each other so deeply, etc, then what exactly went wrong??

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How To Overcome Breakup or Rather an Unwonted Breakup -likelovequotes

There was nothing wrong in your love, in your feelings! You both felt the same but, there was this slight deviation that did the trick. Initially, you will cry a lot. After that you will feel empty and choked from inside, this is the time when you ned to control yourself the most. Yes, people who are close to you will guide you, boost your happiness and help you in any way but, nobody can feel the emptiness you are feeling deep inside your little heart. Your life is precious, you have come to this earth for a reason, it is really short!

#1. Accept the reality to bust the myth

Oh! Nobody can understand how painful it is to overcome an unwonted breakup better than me. But at the end of the day, you have to accept it. Just dump the myth that he/she will come back and accept the fact. I know it hurts as this relationship mattered to you the most and when all of a sudden it broke, you were shattered. But my dear, life is long and you have to pick yourself up and walk the road. Be it with someone or without, you have to be your own hero! That person meant something to you and all of a sudden, that person is no more in your life. It is indeed a great loss, but just hold your hands and walk the journey. FLY HIGH MY DEAR……YOU CAN SEE THE SKY WAITING FOR YOU WHERE THE LIMIT IS BEYOND IMAGINATION.

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#2. Pen down your feelings

There are some thoughts which you can share and some which you cannot! Pen down those private emotions and burn those pages, never let those emotions hurt you back again. Hold your hands and walk the road. You know writing heals 70% of our pain, the rest 30% stays with us and fades with time. Let me give you a suggestion, start penning down those private thoughts and let your emotions do the talking. You know, frankly speaking, emotions are like sticky notes. They stay in our heart as long as we never try to pull them off! So, instead of making your heart look all disorganized, organize it by pulling those off.

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#3. Mind you I am not telling you to hate that person

Hating that person will only make you more vulnerable and in this phase of hating that person, you will force yourself to become somebody else. Why change yourself for that one person who never understood your flaws and your imperfections?? Love yourself, work on yourself to improve yourself and not completely change yourself! And I also know that initially, you will think ill of that person no matter how mutually you broke up. This is natural and nothing can change this but, don’t hate them. Instead be someone whom they cannot ignore!

#4. Stop thinking about it

“This could have happened”, “That could have happened”- Absolutely no! Stop thinking about what could have happened or what not could have happened. Accept it and focus on your life ahead. Why stop yourself from pursuing your dream? Breath and fly high.

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How To Overcome Breakup or Rather an Unwonted Breakup

Every incident such as an unwonted breakup teaches you a lesson, good or bad you learn something from it. Be strong, and motivate others.