The 4 Basic But Unpredictable Stages In Every Relationship


The 4 Basic But Unpredictable Stages In Every Relationship

A relationship where everything goes smooth lasts only for a month. A true relationship is that which has it’s own imperfect predictions and goes through various stages (Cruel and Good). You know, now I have become an authentic LOVE-ADVISER to my friends. Writing on #relationships and able to share those unsaid thoughts, has helped me to gather a lot of knowledge on how a #relationship works in reality.

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The 4 Basic But Unpredictable Stages In Every Relationship

Thus, your very own #HopelesslyRomantic author is here with yet another #relationship article to help you understand what these unpredictable stages in a #relationship are.


The very basic step in a #relationship. During the primary stage, it’s all about wooing that guy/girl you like with your secret qualities. And after you’re done with that, it’s all about “We’re together every second” . Yeah! Now I kind of look back and smile nonchalantly that how sinful and innocent those days were.

  • From bunking that last class to going out for a movie
  • Holding hands secretly, late night calls (Secretly). And also, calling up just to talk by giving lame excuses like- “Hey, have you done your homework” and then from homework the topic shifts to “Why you proposed me”.
  • Bringing him/her home in the name group studies just to introduce them to your family. And after he/she leaves, we wait eagerly for that feedback.
  • Waiting for him/her before entering and also after the college ends, just to walk that short distance together.

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Brace yourself, cause you are going to face the first blow of #relationship. You and your partner will face the first feelings or the first blow of “FIDELITY TEST”. It’s more like a cinematic phase, filled with romance, heroes, villains and emotional cravings. That emotional outburst when you see your partner going closer to someone else; or liking some extra pictures, commenting, and replying you late, or at times never replying at all. This phase has its own advantages and disadvantages. Let’s talk about the advantages-

  • During this stage, you would get to see the real trait your partner. Whether they are ready to be with you in a relationship, whether YOU are ready to take the relationship to the next level.
  • The regular small fights like “Why you replied me late”/ ” Why you liked his/her pictures”/ “You’re not behaving the same with me”.
  • Apart from this, one can also realize how emotionally attached they are to their partner. If it’s a one-sided fling it won’t go beyond this stage, but if it’s a both side love, I am sure one of the partners will surely make it to the long term goal.
  • The most important point, “I am LOYAL and I can prove it many times”. This is a special case which takes a different route altogether after one get’s used by his/her partner. You’ll realise this in the next phase.

Words of advice: Keep your eyes open, your brain functioning and your enchanting heart aside, cause you’ll realise the real traits of your partner. Remember, heartbreaks at this stage is a boon, not a bane.

Initially things might surround you with sad and sarcastic phrases, but eventually, you would realize that why that #relationship never worked out.

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Meaning THE THIRD PHASE in a #relationship. This phase has its own charm. And if you survived the secondary phase with your partner bravely, you would notice how magically crazy this phase is. Magically because you know your partner now. You know his/her traits and the fact that he/she has certain cold shoulder attitude, you’re very much aware and know how to tackle those. Congratulations for successfully overcoming all the obstacles just to be with each other. Some special attributes of this stage are-

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  • Telepathic understanding.  He/she kind of magically knows why you’re excited or worried or angry or even depressed.
  • Space, understanding, and timing are much more respected now. You both respect each other’s decisions and most importantly the privacy space.
  • The PDA has now totally stopped, unlike earlier it was a must whenever you went for a small walk or even when you had a fight, now it’s more private and your relationship has taken a different flight.
  • Less worry as to your partner will leave you or go away with someone else, the tension is not there at all. Now it’s all about confidence and matured thinking.
  • Focus is given on career and not other stupid antics or people.


The name itself gives you a clear vision about this enchanted stage. Now even if your partner comes to you and say that he/she wants to break up with you, you kind of slap him and offer him a cup of coffee. This is the cutest phase, where no matter who enters or tries to harm your personal space, you kind of ignore them with a smiling face. As you know, that even if that person wants to, can’t actually create a distance between you and your partner.

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Though not happily ever after, but imperfectly happy ever after.

The 4 Basic But Unpredictable Stages In Every Relationship

Basically, a #relationship is all about two imperfect soul residing under one perfect shed. Where no matter how strong the winds be, how rude the situations be, the bond grows stronger each time you both fight. This is love and this is how it is, free from jealousy, free from negativity and full of life and hope. SPREAD THE JOY OF LOVE EVERYWHEREand GET LOVE IN RETURN.