Unfollow Awkward Behavior With These Simple Tips


Unfollow Awkward Behavior With These Simple Tips.

Being a quirky and awkward person since childhood I had faced many uninvited problems. Like laughing or talking something unexpected which makes other raise their eyebrows in a confused manner, sharing my unconventional thought just out of the blue or leaving my hilarious comment after a serious talk, made my parents equally angry on me.But gradually and slowly I mastered the art of unfollowing awkward behavior and adapt accordingly to the situation.

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Unfollow Awkward Behaviour With These Simple Tips

Step No.1: Avoid Being an unwanted voice

Giving your opinion all of a sudden during an ongoing conversation shows your impatient nerves. Wait for the other person to finish his/her point and then place your views. Use these courtesy words “Can I say something??” or “I am sorry to interrupt but you know..” be polite and control your quirky attitude.

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Step No.2: Overcome the fear of speaking

Being a shy and Glossophobic person, I never had this guts to speak or express my view in public.  Even if I knew a particular topic, my fumbled attitude and fear of public speaking made me look more awkward. But slowly and steadily I learnt that once we can overcome this fear and speak confidently, we can unfollow awkward attitude instantly. And for this one needs to read and read a lot, along with it one needs to practice “THE MIRROR ACT”.

Step No.3: Be sure of what you SAY before you SPEAK

It’s ok to be foolish, it’s ok if you are ignorant about a certain topic, but it’s not at all ok if you speak rubbish or over-talk on a particular topic. Always think before you speak, calm down and then place your voice and if not needed then don’t speak. Speak less but speak sense. To make your presence felt among the crowd, first, listen to what they have to say, gather knowledge and ask relevant questions.

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Words of wisdom: Be a good listener to be a good speaker.

Step No.4: Keep your SMARTPHONE handy

Why I mentioned smartphone because it’s much more than just texting or playing subway surfer. Use your smartphone as your savior, learn to keep a track on the latest news, words, and also you can use it to gather points for any conversation topic.

Step No.5: Be friendly, not OVER FRIENDLY

Once you be friendly to the people around you, you can easily come out from that awkward zone. Like, helping them during their needs, wishing them on their birthday’s by calling them up rather than texting them, sending handmade cards to them if they achieve anything great. But make sure you don’t cross that thin line of being friendly and over friendly. Avoid certain habits like:

  • Calling them during middle of the night
  • Or giving them unnecessary feedback’s even if they don’t need
  • Forcing them for doing something which they don’t like
  • Saying those weird jokes and expecting them to laugh the same way you do.

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Step No.6: Be positive and stop thinking about your AWKWARDNESS

Being awkward or having a foolish attitude is something we all had during our childhood, nothing is wrong in this. So deal with it in a positive way, hang around or talk to people who have a positive approach towards life. This will not only boost your confidence but also help you to come out of your discomfort. Think about the positive side of yourself, think how can you make people laugh and what are your other qualities.

Words of wisdom: Reminding or remembering how awkward you were makes you feel more uncomfortable or awkward. So, LET IT GO…

Step No.7: Make your weakness your strength

People are going to say and criticize you, it’s their part time job. They don’t get paid for that but still, they love to do charity by actually pointing our mistakes and helping us to overcome them. Yes you are awkward, yes you are foolish but you too have certain attributes which can make people laugh like a riot. Use your awkwardness in style, learn to laugh at your mistakes and work on them. Always remember, the greatest of the greatest comedians actually learnt from their awkward attitude, and now see they are doing the greatest job ever- MAKING OTHER’S SMILE and HAPPY with their jokes.

Unfollow Awkward Behaviour With These Simple Tips

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Yes! it was not easy for them to attain such greatness, they too faced criticism but that never stopped them from practicing or correcting themselves. They took each criticism as a feedback to improve and prove themselves. Confidence comes when one never looses hope and makes practice their master.