Understanding Yourself Is All About Loving Yourself


Understanding Yourself Is All About Loving Yourself

Loving yourself, caring for yourself and most importantly understanding yourself is very important. One should know about themselves beyond their height or weight or their favourite cuisine, and this “knowing you” comes from loving yourself. By understanding I mean, those small things like why you are feeling sad, what you are in reality, how will you behave in a particular situation and every minute detail about your own self. So, basically what you have to do is, get into a serious relationship with yourself. And how will you do that?? By following these tips below.

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Understanding Yourself Is All About Loving Yourself

1/Be alone with yourself

One of the first and the best way of understanding oneself, be alone with yourself. There should be nobody to disturb you, keep your phone aside or listen to some music. Go to a restaurant and order some never tried delicacies, go to any place all alone and enjoy your own company. If you love taking pictures or reading books, the best option is to enjoy it all alone. Especially photography lovers, pack your camera and get ready for an exciting day. Take some really amazing snaps and later on, upload it online. Gift yourself some self-created PDA and enjoy it.

Understanding Yourself Is All About Loving Yourself

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You can also cook some lip smacking dishes for yourself  and pamper your own self. Buy yourself a nice pair of diamond or any beautiful ornaments. Give yourself a nice surprise gift, like, some trendy latest backpacks or something like a Starbucks hamper. Spending some quality time with yourself will help you to understand who you are truly and also recharge your mind.

2/ Live each day with a new mission

This is very important and one should try to continue this habit forever. Maintain a journal and write down all about your achievements so far. It can be anything, from that class X maths test survival to that post-breakup survival, just make sure you write it point wise. Whenever you feel low or feel discouraged, have a look at that journal and tell yourself, “I had survived those and I will survive the rest”.

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Understanding Yourself Is All About Loving Yourself

The second most important thing is, do anything new every day. It can be anything like going for a long walk, reading a new book, anything that makes you laugh from ear to ear. Learn new words each day or something more positive like, make a list of the things you want to do that day. By the end of the night, check whether you could do all of the written points or not. Challenge yourself every day. Wear your creative glasses on and find out what makes you feel serene and happy.

3/Look good, feel good, sleep good, and eat well

Go for any Yoga classes, twist your body a bit and take good care of yourself. Doing yoga helps you to attain that inner peace and also motivates one to develop self-concentration. Make sure you eat properly and take a good care of yourself.

Understanding Yourself Is All About Loving Yourself

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Pamper yourself by indulging in some homemade recipes for a flawless skin. The saying that “If you look good, you will feel good” has some healthy reasons behind it. Thus one should always take good care of oneself. My point is, use the time of being alone wisely, learn new things about yourself, know your likes, dislikes, and every minute detail. Because love comes to those who loves themselves and respects oneself.

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So, be loyal to your own self and start working on yourself. Understanding oneself is really important. And it also helps one to deal with multiple situations, be it that office tantrum or any kind of other serious issues, once you learn to love the woman you are, you can achieve any milestone. Just be loyal and do good to yourself.