Invisible Signs You will Break Up in a Few Months

Invisible Signs You Will Break Up in a Few Months

A break up does not happen out of the blue. A couple of factors or reasons leads to the build up which eventually results in two individuals parting ways. There are high chances if you anticipating the break up before it actually happens. You notice the changes in your relationship; you realize that things are not working out. Sometimes, the break up happens because of a single reason and at times there is a plethora of factors that contribute towards the fall out. Even you seem to notice the signs, you do not accept it and try to move your relationship ahead. The fact is that in the hearts of hearts you already know what is coming your way. [ Read: How Taking a Break in a Relationship Works ]

Undeniable Signs You Will Break Up in a Few Months
  1. You fight all the time

Both of you never seem to agree on anything which results in fights and arguments. There is always a difference of opinion and clash of thoughts which drives you apart. Even if you resolve an issue, another problem crops up in no time. The fights never come to an end and there is never a polite exchange of words between the two of you. [ Read: Quirk It Up Post BreakUp! ]

  1. You do not spend a lot of time with each other

Earlier, no matter how busy you were you made it a point to make some time for your partner. Now, even when you have time you prefer spending it with your friends and family but not with your partner. Clearly, spending time with them or being in their company does not excite you as much as you used to. You find happiness in your friends’ company but not in your partner’s.

  1. Lack of communication

There is a communication gap between the two of you. Both of you find it difficult to communicate you thoughts and feelings to each other. It is almost as if an invisible wall has been erected between you that stops you from communicating with each other. Even if you talk to each other, there is no real communication that happens between you two. [ Read: 10 Bad Reasons To BreakUp With Someone ]

  1. You like staying away from each other

Instead of trying to be with each other, you find excuses to stay away from your partner. You do not feel comfortable when they are around and try not to cross paths with them. When your partner makes a plan to go somewhere, you make some excuse and avoid meeting them.

  1. You are always suspicious of them

You cannot bring yourself to trust your partner. You always check on their whereabouts and are keen to figure out what they are up to at a particular time. Trust is very important in a relationship. If you do not trust your partner completely, you can never invest in the relationship wholeheartedly. Your partner will soon get to know that you do not trust them and this will inevitably lead to fights. [ Read: 11 Things a Break-up can Teach You about Life ]

  1. You start finding faults in them

When we have a problem with someone or begin to dislike them, we try to find reasons to ignore them even more. So, apart from the issues you have with your partner, you will also start blaming them for things they have not done or mistakes that they have not committed. Your mind will constantly try to find reasons to pull them down.

  1. Lack of intimacy

You tend to get physically intimate with your partner after you know them well and are comfortable with them. Physical intimacy seems to be a thing of the past to you as you do not remember when was the last time you cuddled with your partner or even touched them. Lack of physical intimacy signifies distance and discomfort between two people. [ Read: 6 Ways To Help Your Friend Overcome a BreakUp ]

  1. You do not respond to them

You do not feel like responding to the various messages, emails that your partner sends or the calls that they have made to you. It indicates a sense of disinterest in talking to your partner. Even when you have time, you do not respond to them and chose to ignore their messages and calls. Of course, when you meet them you have several excuses ready.

  1. You hold grudges

Even though you lend forgiveness to your partner verbally, you do not do so. You keep grudges with them for mistakes they committed in the past and cannot seem to let go of those things. You get mad at them even for the tiniest of mistake they commit. Worse, you even plan on getting back at him for their mistakes. [ Read: Conversation Between Boy And Girl After Break-up ]

  1. You criticize them

There was a time when you accepted your partner the way they were and did not want them to change. Now, you only see faults in them and criticize them for anything and everything. You do not see any good qualities or virtue in them keep criticizing them all the time. Most of the times, you fail to justify your criticism towards them but that does not stop you from doing so.

If you have a feeling that you are going to break up with your partner soon, there are two options you have at your disposal. First, sort out the issues you have with them and try to make it work.  Second, do not hold on to the relationship if you think it is beyond repair. End things right now. There is no point in stretching things beyond a point when you know things are not going to work out between the two of you.