Uncertain Is He Ready for a Relationship?

Are you dating a guy who is uncertain about being in a relationship? Is he Ready for a Relationship? Is the man you are dating still confused about being in a relationship? Does he avoid the question of being in a relationship with you? Men find it hard to confess their feelings to their partner. The reason behind this is, they find it hard to even know whether they want a relationship or not. Men are always uncertain about such things in life. Uncertainty prevails in their action. LikeLoveQuotes.com is here to help you explore the real meaning when men say they are not ready of a relationship.

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Uncertain Is He Ready for a Relationship

What does He really Mean?

The most irritating thing about men is that they are unsure about their feelings. They prefer dating but find it difficult to give any commitment to their partner. They are always perplexed when it comes to decide what exactly they want in their life. Are they really ready to have a relationship or not? Have you ever wondered the real reason behind his refusal to accept the fact of being in a relationship with you? If not, we are here to highlight some of the common reason he is still uncertain about it.

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He avoids giving any commitment when he know You are the One he can imagine his future. He may be not sure whether this is what he wants in life. He may be of the opinion that he can find someone better than you in the future. He may be considering you as mere time pass. He may not be asserting his true feelings to you because he too is uncertain about it. Hence, don’t let anyone use you and play with your feelings.

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Time too can play a major role behind his uncertainty. He may be of the opinion that time is not right for him to give commitment to anyone. He may be having some there plans in life rather than having a serious relationship. This is because a serious relationship demands time so as to make it a successful one. May be it is not his priority to have a serious relationship at this point of time.

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Further, he may not be in Love with you. There is no reason to be in a relationship when there is no love between the partners. It is difficult to have a LOVELESS RELATIONSHIP with anyone. Both the partner should be at the same point before they plan to give commitment to the other person. It is always better to be single than to be in a relationship which is nothing but an illusion. NO LOVE, NO CARE, NO PROMISES.

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Thus, girls need to understand that there is no reason why they should be in a relationship with a man who is himself not sure what he actually wants in life. Girls need to understand that worth and should know they deserve something better than a CONFUSED MAN.