Types Of Girlfriends Every Guy Come Across


Types Of Girlfriends Every Guy Come Across

Girlfriends are a boon and bane at the same time. What exactly a guy looks for in their girlfriend? Before going to that question, let’s deal with the types of girlfriends every guy comes across in their lifespan. Especially during the school, college and a phase where they are looking for someone to settle down with. Check out if you too have encountered someone from the list.

Types Of Girlfriends Every Guy Come Across

  1. The always TIP-TOP type

The one you will notice mostly during the high school. They are the one who has all their things organised. From her hair to her shoes, everything is neat and cleaned. And by chance, if you step on her shoes or touch her hair, you will be greeted with the warmest lecture ever. She will leave no stone unturned to give you a flashback about how long it took her to tie her hair, brush her shoes and what not.

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2. The Mommy’s girl type

Ah! The one who does nothing without the consent of her mother. From buying a pencil to wearing the dress, she is the perfect mommy’s girl you will come across. And if by chance you have dated someone like her, then definitely you have come across the statement- “I will have to ask my mom. If she allows then I will do it.”

3. The “I Am The Best” type

She is the topper, the school prefect, the captain of her house and also the best student of the school. To her, everything has to be perfect. Whether it be her dress or her boyfriend. If you ask her for a day out she would prefer a joint study. She is the perfect idol for other students.

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4. Beauty Queen

Types Of Girlfriends Every Guy Come Across

She is the heartthrob of her college. Every guy want’s to hook up with her. Being the most beautiful girl you will always find her with her mirror and her two three make up hacks. She is always up with her compact, lipstick, eyeliner, and never leaves the house without them. For her, a perfect date night would be a day out in a famous makeup store. Make sure you have enough amount in your card or wallet.

5. The Bossy Girl

Types Of Girlfriends Every Guy Come Across

She is the ultimate teacher in your life. From planning your diet to planning your daily schedule, she will restrict you in every possible way. Forget about meeting your friends, the bossy girl will be your shadow. She will command you and want you to obey that. Their eyes and their language always command authority.

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6. The famous selfie taker

No matter what the moment of the situation is, she is obsessed with her smartphone. Even if you miss that special moment, missing selfie is a crime. Whether you have your food or not, you have to seal the deal with a selfie. Even if you are talking about something serious, she will never leave her selfie touch. Pout, duck face, one-eyed selfie and what not.

7. The Ultimate Stalker

Types Of Girlfriends Every Guy Come Across

This you will find mostly during the college phase. They will keep a track of your friends both online and offline and gather every minute details about them. And if by chance you lie to them, they will sneak out every possible way to know the truth. For this, their weapon is STALKING. They will stalk you day and night.

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8. The most understanding and caring one

They are hard to find but easy to lose. To them, a relationship is all about patience and love. They believe in giving space and privacy. Finding such girls are tough but not impossible. They are the ultimate girlfriend every guy looks for. But when they find them, they somehow forget to value them. And thus they end up losing them so easily.

So, these were the types of girlfriend every guy comes across in their lifetime. You can add more to the list in the comment section below.