Two Sides:7 Ways You can Make it or Break it


Two Sides:7 Ways You can Make it or Break it

We are very well acquainted with the idiom “A coin has two sides.” This simply means that every situation or any circumstance that may occur have two different ways to look at it. Similarly, every relationship has two sides, it has both it’s Highs and Lows. No relationship is entirely blissful. There comes a time in a relationship where both the partners have to undergo a rough time in life. But it entirely depends upon us as to how we look at the situation. Whenever you see that the your relationship is going through a rough phase, many questions pop up in your mind like whether the time has arrived where You Should Stay or You Should Let it Go?

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Two Sides 7 Ways You can Make it or Break it

 Though, you must be going through a rough time in your relationship but there are still many reasons where you can decide to give it a Second Chance. Before, you reach to any conclusion about the future of your relationship, we bring to you 7 Ways that will help you decide decide whether You should MAKE it or BREAK  it.

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Often it is said that the person that loves you will fight with you without any reason. So if you are thinking that nagging is the apt reason to call off your relationship, then you are slightly mistaken. No relationship can be completely perfect. You need to look on the other side of the coin too as complaining nature of any of  the partners sometimes help you to work out your issues with each other. And small arguments are necessary in any relationship.

Were you friends first?
Every girl wants that her partner should be her best friend. If you think that your partner is the same, Don’t you think that this is the worth reason to keep your relationship going with your partner? It is easy to find someone who will be your life partner but it is very difficult to find a partner who can be your best friend for forever.

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He is the only One:
The reason that you should not let your partner go because he is only the One you can think about. You are in love with him. You may think that it will be very easy for you to break the present relationship and get indulge in another one. No, things don’t work this way quite often. Sometimes both the partners are so deeply in love with each other that they find it hard to get attracted to others. If this is the case in your relationship then be wise enough and don’t let small differences spoil your relationship.

Is He Your Support System:
If your partner is your biggest support system then you need to think it over once again. You need to understand that it is hard to find such a partner who gives equal or more importance to your desires, aspirations, needs and requirements. There are so many couples who have a partner who may be self centered and gives no heed to the desires of the other person.

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You both have a Blissful Life:
If you both have a blissful life together then its definitely worth keeping. A man and a woman are said to be complete when they fulfill all the necessities of each other. When you get sexually involved with your partner that’s a sign which indicate that this is the one with whom you can be yourself. Moreover, If you have a great time making love to each other this shows that there is a deep connection between you both. Therefore, you need to nurture your relationship with more love and make it a blissful one.

He is the Smile of your Face:
Yes you get it Right! If he is the smile of your face you should not go or leave your relationship in between. Often it seen that people wish to have a partner who can make them smile all through their life. The sense of humor helps the couples to live their life happily, ignoring certain hardships  that they might face in their journey together. You too need to give a second try to your relationship.

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Your own Space:
Even if being in a relationship you have your own space where you can live a life in your own terms. Then you definitely have the best partner and a best relationship which should not be called off for any stupid reason. If your partner gives a free hand to you live your own life where you can explore your life with your friends too. Believe me you are in a Perfect Relationship.

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Thus, It can be said that every situation and circumstance that you face in your life have two sides to it. It is you who choose one between the two. You should always be wise enough to take the right decision for yourself. Don’t let little things, hardships or a temporary rough phase in your relationship spoil your happiness. Life is like a coin. This is because both Life and coin have two sides.