Twenties Types of Relationship Everyone Have


Twenties Types of Relationship Everyone Have

Twenties: Types of Relationship Everyone Have. When you are in your twenties you may get a chance to experience different kinds of relationships. Relationships are like weather sometimes you like them and sometimes you dislike them. When we are in our twenties our interests keeps on changing in just no time. This happens because we are never sure of our feelings towards our love interest. This makes us experience different types of relationships. We bring to you six types of relationships that everyone have in their twenties.

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Twenties Types of Relationship Everyone Have

Following are the Six Types of Relationships Everyone have in their Twenties.

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The one who Clings:
This is the first type of relationship which you may witness in your early twenties. In such a relationship you meet a partner who always tries to cling on you. This means that your partner shows extra care to you. You will find him disturbing you even when you inform him that you are with your girl friends and want to spend some time with them.

The one who is Over-Possessive:
You may also date a person who gets over possessive about you. He may find it hard to see you talking to any other guy. He may easily get jealous when he sees you with any other male friends of yours.

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Selfish Motives:
Twenties is the time when you are not interested in having a serious relationship. What you want is to enjoy this phase by getting indulged in a relationship just to fulfill your selfish motives.

Dating your Friends:
There are many people who will agree that they have dated their best friend when they were in their twenties.

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Passing Time:
There comes a phase in your twenties when you date a person who is nothing more than a time pass to you. Such a relationship ends without giving any solid reason to one another.

Mr Right:
No matter how many failed relationships you would have experienced in your life. There comes a time when in you get to meet your Mr Right. After meeting him you feel that he is the only one you were looking for up till now.

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Thus, following are the relationships that everyone have in their early stage of life.