Turn On The Charm, To Make Your Valentine Feel Warm

Turn On The Charm, To Make Your Valentine Feel Warm

What is valentine day without some love for your valentine, one can easily observe mushiness and care exchanged between two people who are deeply in love. Every woman and man wants their valentine to be perfect and want to feel loved on this day, at least! Some teenagers as well as deeply in love couples plan valentine day for months together and celebrate it with great happiness and love. This surely makes one feel warm and loved. But as our lives are becoming more and more hectic with work pressure and money matters, we forget to make our loved one feel warm and special. It is not necessary to spend enormously or plan a huge surprise to make your lover feel good. There are some simple and easy ways in which your lover will feel warm and mushy. All you have to do is turn on your charm, and bring out your romantic side in front of your partner.

Turn On The Charm To Make Your Valentine Feel Warm -likelovequotes

Just say a few good words and make them feel wanted and adored. This is sure to bring a great smile on their face and fill their heart with warmth and excitement.

Stare at them in their eyes and hold their hands and whisper sweet nothings to them with all the passion and love you feel for them. It is sure to melt them and give them jitters.

To make your valentine feel warm you can say a few things like –

  1. I wish this moment stopped right here. This moment makes me feel like the luckiest person alive and how I wish that it goes on forever. – This is set the tune right for your valentine.
  1. Your eyes are so beautiful and expressive that without you saying anything, I can feel how much you love me and that makes me want to be with you more than anything. – Another cheesy line to say to your valentine.
  1. Your love has made me what I am today. Without you, I wouldn’t have been here and what pleases me the most is to have my inspiration and my support with me for this entire life.
  1. Sometimes when I am with you, I have to pinch myself to realize that this is reality and I am not dreaming anything. You make me live my dreams, darling. – This will surely make your valentine feel butterflies in stomach.
  1. When you hug me, I forget all the pain and worries that could possibly come to us and it gives me a new strength to fight for us and for our future.
  1. The feeling that I get when I wrap my arms around you, is almost like the feeling of homecoming for me.
  1. The menu tonight might be excellent but the hands that cooked this delicious meal are the ones I have my eyes on.
  1. Being with you is like a dream come true….

  1. I’ve heard that cupid usually strikes with an arrow, but I think it struck me with a huge missile because I am so very deeply in love with you! 😛 – Another one liner for your valentine.
  1. When I befriended you when we first met, I never knew you would be the one who would make me feel the luckiest person alive.
  1. Life has been a joyride with you along my side. I can take everything in my tide, if you stick to me alright!
  1. Valentine Day was not a special day for me, until I met you and then it became the best day of the entire year for me.
  1. Your presence in my life makes me a firm believer in love, destiny and karma. I am sure I must have done something good in my past life, to have you as my soul mate.
  1. I used to watch movies and think that no such love exists in real world and then you happened to me!
  1. No wonder I stammer whenever I try to express my love to you, my heart is filled with too much love and warmth to even start saying what I feel about you.
  1. There is no better person and no other person who can make me feel the way you do. Each day I crave to see you and spend time with you.

What are some lines which made you go weak in your knees when they were told by your partner? Share with us in the comments section how you made your valentine feel warm.