True Signs that You are Commitment Phobic

True Signs that You are Commitment Phobic

Commitment is the pillar of any relationship. Relationships depend only on one thing and that is each other’s commitment to one another. Commitment is an important promise to lead the relationship in the correct direction and to love each other. It is the root of a successful relationship. Love and commitment are the two important factors for your life and marriage. Thus once you commit you agree to abide by the relationship and fulfill all the needs of your partner. That’s the reason why relationships break because people forget their commitments.

True Signs that You are Commitment Phobic

Here are 10 such pointers which states the fear of commitment:


  1. Being single is perfect:

Today, the new generation get into the affairs and enjoys. But when it comes to get married they just want to let go. What they feel is that, even without committing they can have relationships then why to get into such mess. But, they should make themselves clear, because marriage is not a mess rather, it’s the best policy with which one can achieve goals and solve problems of their life with the help of your life partner. So it’s the time when this new generation must be made aware of this fact regarding the importance of marriage in one’s life.  [ Read: Being Single Is Fun – 13 Reasons to Prove it! ]

  1. Own plans:

Most of the people, while making their future goals and achievements during their college or graduation years make marriage the last option in their ‘To-Do’ list. What they actually fear is that, if they get committed at the moment or in between of their goal’s list, then their future goals might get ruined or left uncompleted. But, it’s not like that as there is a solution to every problem in this world, and so one can manage their personal commitments while performing their professional commitments. P.S. love life is equally important if compared to one’s academic life.

  1. Want to be just with one person for lifetime:

Many of the people believe that it is wrong to be a relationship before marriage. They just want to get their relationship at once and for all that is with their life partners. Though, up to some extent this thinking is correct but if life is giving you a chance then why not? Because maybe that very person might be your soul mate in the future. Hence, instead of thinking of future you should live in the present because it can actually build you a strong future itself and anyway you aren’t cheating anyone! Right?  [ Read: 10 Biggest Dating Turn Offs for Guys That Girls Don’t Know About! ]

  1. Commitment would not let you achieve:

Today all these ambitious people usually have their goals and aims in life which they badly want to achieve. So they think that by committing they’ll not be able to achieve them as they would get stuck into relationship, wedding and etc. But here, one should make a note that it’s only one’s mechanic human mind-set which makes you think in the above way because in reality, one can actually manage his/her academic and love life together at one go!

  1. Fear of losing space:

It is assumed that lovers are supposed to stick together to each other all the time, which leads one to hold the fear regarding their personal space or privacy which they might lose. But, you know what, it’s not like that, because you can actually discuss things with your partner and adjust them accordingly. As problems do get sorted out when discussed. Hence, both of you can talk about individual’s space and privacy a hand before.  [ Read: 7 Signs He Is Falling In Love With You ]

  1. Confused:

Many people are often confused regarding their decision to get into the relationship commitments. They doubt the right time, right age and etc. But you should focus and judge the person with whom you want to spend your life with.

  1. Messed up finance conditions:

As money is the basic need to ‘run’ your life, so many people think that they won’t be able to manage their love life as well with their earnings. But, finance can be managed and it is not that difficult to manage funds within a relationship if both the partners hold the great understanding regarding each other. Therefore, finance should not become an obstacle for you to commit. . [ Read: The 7 Common Mistakes Women Make To Push Men ]

  1. Past memories:

Yes, if something went wrong in the past, then it’s very difficult to do that thing once again in your life with full consciousness. If one had downs in their former relationships they should not think that, that’s the end of their love life rather, they should give their love life a second chance with other more trust-able people.

  1. Fear of mutual fights:

Fights happen in between all the couples around the globe. But does that mean that you should not get committed? Love and fights go hand in hand in one’s life. Fights get resolved by discussions and mutual understandings. So one should overcome this fear and should start the new phase of their life. [ Read: 15 Ways To Make Him or Her Go Crazy Over You ]

  1. End of relationship/ breakup:

If anything goes wrong? If my relationship ends then? These are the major fears which doesn’t allows you to get committed. But, you should accept the fact that all these things are luck depended things. Hence, you should just flow at the moment with all your consciousness without over thinking and getting afraid of your upcoming future.

As promised, we’ve stated few pointers above which would help you to recognize the fear of commitment within you, if you hold one. And we also hope that these will also help you to overcome them bringing you closer to the person you love.