Tricky Signs: You are Just Getting Used.


Tricky Signs: You are Just Getting Used.

Tricky Signs: You are Just Getting Used. Do you feel that your partner is simply using you in your relationship? Are you getting used by your partner? Are you Just a Tool for your Partner? True love is hard to find in today’s time. Dating someone is not an easy task, it requires lot of effort from anyone. Sometimes we think that we are in a beautiful relationship and everything is just perfect. But you need to understand that “All that glitters is not gold.” brings to you Three Tricky Signs that will  help you know that you are just getting used by them.

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Tricky Signs You are Just Getting Used.

Many people find it difficult to know whether they are getting loved by their partner or  they are simply getting used by them. True love is hard to find. If you want to save yourself from getting used by your partner, you need to keep on reading it. Three Tricky Signs that will help you know You are nothing more than a Tool for your Partner.

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You are His Bank:
Yes, you read it right, You are nothing more than a bank to your partner. He is simply interested in you because you can provide financial security to him. He is just using you to fulfill his selfish motives. Money is more important to him than you. Your material prosperity attracts him towards you.

You are Mere a Sex Tool:
Your Partner is using you, if he comes to you when he wants to satiate his carnal desires. Don’t make a fool of yourself and stop acting as his sex tool. Stop wasting your time on him he is not perfect for you.

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Lacking Emotional Attachment:
If you feel that you have no emotional connection between you both. You are definitely getting used by your partner for other selfish reasons. Emotional attachment is the soul of any relationship. This attachment makes the relationship stronger and real. If you lack that emotional bond in your relationship, it definitely one of the most important tricky sign that he is just faking his emotions.

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Thus, Never let anyone use you for their selfish reasons. Become self sufficient and know your self worth.