How To Treat Someone Who Recently Recovered From Depression


How To Treat Someone Who Recently Recovered From Depression

Depression is a never ending episode.  And I faced it’s first consequences on one fine morning. I woke up feeling incomprehensibly dejected. I woke up with my eyes swelled up, face dull as the dead flowers. My eyes looked constantly at the window pane, I don’t know what I was thinking but, looking at the rains made me feel numb. I was sitting like a dead person with my eyes blinking and my heart beating just to make me realise that I was alive. My moment of silence was disturbed by my mother’s sudden pat on my shoulder, I looked at her numbly and muttered “I feel I am..I just feel that I don’t feel anything maa!”. My mum shrugged me and I suddenly woke up from a long sleep. My brain felt like a heavy mass of stone, my eyes burned as if someone had poured some kind of chilli flakes in it.

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How To Treat Someone Who Recently Recovered From Depression

This is the opening scene of depression. Slowly it will encrypt your mind with some unknown coding, which is hard to understand and even harder to decode. Suffering from this epidemic psychological disorder, I almost lost my normal life. And moreover, since I couldn’t share each and everything with my parents it became eventually difficult for me to cope with it each day. The worst thing about anxiety is, unlike other prescribed diseases, #depression has no specifically prescribed cure. What I mean to say is, when a person is under anxiety they don’t know when they’ll get healed. It’s a long-term illness in which the traits don’t entirely get healed. So, what I did to overcome this??

Steps to overcome #depression

  • Make yourself aware of the fact that you are sad and things are not normal like earlier.
  • If you know the reasons behind your sadness, then try to find a solution related to that. Accept that the things went haywire and everything was not a hunky-dory episode.  And if by chance if you’re not aware, then please consult an advisor. Or, talk to someone with whom you share everything.
  • Stay away from those things and people which/who triggers your negative emotions.
  • Initially, it won’t be an easy task, but eventually, you’ll learn it.

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How To Treat Someone Who Recently Recovered From Depression

Now, dealing and healing anxiety is a two-way process. The person who is going through it and the person who are close to them too have some crucial responsibilities to handle.

Roles and Duties Of The Family Members

The word FAMILY has a deep meaning in the life of depressed souls. They want someone constantly beside them, they want a support to cling on and walk the road. Now you might have a question that how to understand they are depressed.

How To Treat Someone Who Recently Recovered From Depression

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  • You know your closed one’s very closely. If you notice any unusual behaviours like- over excitement (ANGER or CRYING) talk to them about it.
  •  If they constantly reply you with an irritating  or in an absent tone, spend some really close time with them. If needed go out with them, just you and he/she.
  • After going out to a lone place notice how they react, are they responding to the new place with a positive attitude like, admiring the place and it’s beauty, then it’s a good news. As he/she is responding well and chances are there to get healed very soon.
  • But, if they stay numb or expressionless, consult an adviser. If needed hide it from the rest of the family members and take them for a counselling.
  • During depression, they behave like a newly born child, who finds it really hard to express their feelings. So, hold them tightly and comfort them with your love.
  • Make them feel that you are there no matter how rude the situations be.
  • Once you see some positive response never ever allow them to go back to the same place they went. Like, if it was due to some people, make them stay away from them. Don’t say anything that can trigger their lost depressive emotions.
  • Remember, anxiety never fades away it can pop up anytime. And in 20-70% of the cases, the patient becomes even more lifeless during such case.

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How To Treat Someone Who Recently Recovered From Depression

You need to know that there are several other people suffering from this emotional disorder, so you are not alone. And moreover, with proper councilling you’ll definitely be able to get back to normalcy. LOVE THEM, CARE FOR THEM and NEVER LEAVE THEM ALONE. Depression, unlike other diseases, is something deeper and only the person who goes through them will understand. It’s like feeling abandoned among crowds of people, it’s like listening to an empty playlist even if it’s filled with 100s of songs. It’s confusing and this confusion can even take a wrong turn if not healed at the right time.