Top 7 Moments in a Girl’s Life

Top 7 Moments in a Girl’s Life

Every girl dreams about some things in her life. She aspires and waits for a few special moments her entire life. She might not really get the perfect moments, but they sure do mean a lot to her. They remain in her mind forever. She always treasures them. Hence, guys should make every effort to make these moments special for their lady. A girl always longs for her special moments in her childhood and cherishes them in the memories till she grows old. [ Read: LDR – Long Distance Relationship Essentials ]

Top 7 Moments in a Girl's Life

What are the top moments for a girl in her life?

  1. The moment when she makes her parents proud

Making her parents proud is one thing on every girl’s bucket list. Seeing the glint of pride in her dad’s eyes and the big smile on her mother’s face is what every girl yearns for! Be it by topping the university, making a great career, caring for her parents or gifting them something they always longed for. It could be any reason; she always wants to see her parents smile. A girl always tries to perform her best and do things to hear those few words from her parents – I’m proud of you, angel! [ Read: Decoding Girls: A Guide For a Less Dramatic Life


  1. The moment when she realizes she has fallen in love

Falling in love with her prince charming, and the realization of it, is a big moment for every girl. The anxiety, hopes, dreams, nervousness and fantasies build up in her mind and she dwells in a world of her own. Being in love can be the most amazing feeling, especially when it is reciprocated too.

  1. The moment of the proposal

When the guy she loves goes down on a knee and offers her a ring to spend all of her life with him, she feels like a princess. It is a very important moment for her and she dreams for it all her life. Girls love to get creative and surprise proposals from their lovely boyfriends. She always remembers this moment, and it only encourages her to love him more and more. [ Read: The 6 Things Every Girls Want Out of a Relationship ]

  1. Career advancement moments

As women get more and more career oriented, career advancement has become one of their top moments in life as well. Being promoted or getting a raise, getting appreciation for her talent and hard work, are all special moments for her. Becoming independent and self sufficient is a constant tryst for a woman and she deserves more credit for it.

  1. The wedding moments

Well! A perfect wedding is what every girl dreams of right from her childhood. The marriage is the day, when she is the queen of the world and the man she loves is accepting her in front of everyone. The public declaration of love and commitment means a lot to her. That is her day, and she is bound to feel the most special on that day! [ Read: Do Guys Like Shy Girls And Find Them Attractive? ]

  1. The moment she becomes a mother

No points for guessing why! A woman bears a child in her womb for nine months and that moment when she sees her child’s face for the first time is epic and magical for her. Seeing the child who was growing insider her and holding him or her is the most heavenly moment for a woman. Becoming a mother is a completely new phase of life for a woman and it is definitely one of the biggest moments of her life.

  1. The first time moments of her child

The first time her child says “mom”. The first time he starts crawling or walking. The first time he smiles or laughs. Seeing her child grow up makes a woman absolutely and insanely happy. All the first times of her new born, are well treasured and remembered by the mother. They are remembered long enough for her to tell it to her kids when they grow up! Every accomplishment and step ahead of their children means a lot to women throughout their life.

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