Top 6 Qualities Every Man Wants in His Girlfriend


Top 6 Qualities Every Man Wants in His Girlfriend

Wondering what qualities every man wants in his girlfriend? Men usually don’t demand something that is out of this world. But there are some fundamental qualities that a girl must have in order to catch their fancy. Men have certain wishes and desires that needed to be satiated. So if you want to attract your man, and keep him happy. You need to keep on Reading.[ Read: Boy Writes an Emotional Letter for his Girlfriend to SAVE their 6 Years Old Relationship ]

Top 6 Qualities Every Man Wants in His Girlfriend

Here are the Top 6 Qualities Every Man Wants In His Girlfriend:

Don’t make the first move

Men like women who are hard to get. The more he has to work to get you, the more he will treasure you once you are together. Make sure you make him want you, but never make the first move. Make him work hard to get you. [ Read: Video: Boyfriend Flies Thousands of Miles to Surprise his Girlfriend. What Happened NEXT will MELT your HEART


Competence and ambition

Don’t just be clingy and surround him 24/7. You should have dreams, aspirations and a plan of your own to accomplish them. A man loves a woman who has the ability to build her own future.

Don’t jump into bed too soon

Sex is important, and everyone knows that both men and women require it. But it’s usually worth the wait, so have patience. A guy wouldn’t take you that seriously if you get into bed with him so soon. Take your time. [ Read: How To Steal a Guy from His Girlfriend ]

Be his best friend

A guy loves a girlfriend who is first his best friend and then his girlfriend. If you can be his lover and his constant companion, he won’t let you go. You’ll become an integral and permanent part of his life, and that too, the most important part.

Give him his space

Don’t keep calling or texting him, and don’t pressurize him to meet you. Give him his time and space, but don’t make him feel like you don’t care either. Let him know that you’re thinking about him, but without disturbing him. [ Read: 11 Bad Girl Traits Every Guy Seeks In His Girl! ]

Show a strong character

Don’t let him feel like he owns you. Show that you have self-respect, and demand respect from him too, without seeming bossy. Mutual respect is an integral part of any relationship, without which one person ends up  in taking advantage of the other.

It’s important to keep these things in mind while dealing with your man. If you lack these simple qualities every man wants in his partner, you need to inculcate them in order to keep your relationship a happy one.