Top 18 Foolish Ways to Know You’re in Love


Top 18 Foolish ways to Know You’re in Love.

When you fall in love everything around you changes. Being in love is the best feeling one can experience in his entire lifetime. Are there any foolish ways to know when one is in love with someone? How to find out that one is finally in love with someone? Falling in love seems so easy for everyone. To be sure about this feeling of love for someone is the biggest problem. When you fall in love you think that this world has become a totally different place to be. Love can be so joyous, magical, powerful and wonderful for anyone. There are many foolish ways to know that you’re in love with someone.

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Sometimes it is very easy to find out when someone is in love. But at times we had to try a till harder to know, If it’s really love for us. We bring to you Top 18 Foolish Ways to find out that you’re in love with your someone special.

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Top 18 Foolish Ways to Know You're in Love-likelovequotes

When you live in a Wonderland:
Yes, there is nothing to wonder about this foolish love sign that makes you understand that you are Finally!! In Love. When you fall in love you begin to live in your own wonderland. This mundane life becomes ordinary to you. You are always found to be in your fantasy imagining you and your someone special together in their extraordinary world. Love has the power to take you in a magical world of your own.

Love makes Life Beautiful:
Love is like a magical spell. It makes your life beautiful. It excite you to life your life in a beautiful manner. When you fall in love the mundane life too becomes exciting. This is because you spend your entire day in thinking about your special someone

You don’t being late:
This can be considered as the foolish way to spend an extra time with your someone special. In order to do so you won’t even mind reaching home a bit late.

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You start to take it Seriously:
When you get the feeling from within about the person you tend to take the relationship seriously. It all that you want to have in your life.

You find ways to be together:
Another foolish sign that tells you about being in love. When you fall in love you always try to find ways to be together. You don’t mind making lame excuses too.

When you know He/She is the one:
When you fall for someone in your life. He/She becomes your life. You think they are the best thing that can happen to you ever in your life.

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It is always believed that when someone is deeply and madly in love they tend to ignore the imperfections of their partner. For them their Imperfections too become their Perfections.

He/She is always on your mind:
When someone is in love, they just can’t get over them. They are always on your mind. You can’t stop yourself from thinking about them at any hour of the day.

‘All Smiles’ for you:
A slightest reference of your someone special is like All Smiles for you. Your face gets lighten whenever anybody talks about him/her.

You Find them Everywhere:
When you are in love you find your someone special in everything you do or see in front of you. When you listen a song you imagine them in it, If you read a novel you imagine them in the story.

Communication becomes the Strongest:
When you are in love with someone you try to find excuses to have some kind of communication with them initially. And later you both can’t stop yourself from hiding a slightest thing from each other. You have a minute to minute communication with each other.

Highs and Lows of Emotions:
When you are in love you tend to undergo and feel different emotions at the  same time. At one moment you seem to be happy/ excited and in just another moment you find yourself as dull and depressed.

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You adopt their ways:
When you are in love with someone anything related to them interests you. Even his/her ways, interests, likes and dislikes etc. You try to adopt their ways, even those which you earlier thought to be so boring to perform.

Common Circle:
When you fall for someone you tend to fall in love with every aspect of their life. You start to mingle yourself more with his friends. Basically ‘His/Her Friends’ becomes ‘Your Friends too.’

Another name for love is Sacrifice. When someone is in love they make frequent sacrifices and never hesitate from making any compromise in their life.

Start to Imagine Future:
When you deeply love someone you can’t imagine your future with anyone else. It is one of the most common sign of foolish love.

Can’t Stop Yourself from Telling:
When you know that Yes, he/she is the one you were willing to have in your life. He/She is the only one you plan to live your entire life, you just can’t wait to tell them your feelings towards them.

You just want them:
In love what you want all through your life is nothing but their togetherness. And to make this happen you can give anything in return.

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Thus, following are the 18 foolish ways that help you know that your in love with them.