Top 10: Reasons to Break it up with HER.


Top 10: Reasons to Break it up with HER.

Top 10 Reasons to Break it up with HER. Are you looking for the ways that can help you end your relationship with your Girlfriend? Do you encounter troubles in your Paradise? Is She getting on your nerves and you are hunting ways to Break it up with her? If such questions keep coming to your mind then it is clear that something is not good in your relationship. There comes a rough phase in every relationship where it is hard to decide what one should do. Should He continue with it or end it ? Today we bring to you Reasons to Break it up with Her.

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Top 10 Reasons to Break it up with HER

Following are the reasons which can help you decide when to end your relationship with her.

No Independent Will:
A Relationship can only be successful when you both the partner maintain a balance. This means that both have an equal right in taking decisions. But if you find that you have no independent will in your relationship and she is the only one who is dominating all the time. You have the reason that your hand to end it.

Not less than a TOOL:
If you are getting a feeling that you are just like a Tool in your relationship. This means that she is not in love with you but she is only using you for her selfish motive. So if you going through this situation in your relationship, you have the reason to call it an End.

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A Sudden Realization:
One of the most solid reason you can give to end the relationship with your girl is that you actually don’t love her. Sometimes we realize it later that the person we are in the relationship is not the one we can fall in love with. So the lack of love for your partner can be one of the solid reasons to break it up with her.

Sex Life:
Dissatisfaction in Sexual pleasures in a relationship can also be one of the reasons to end it with her. Though it is not a good reason to break it up with anyone who is otherwise perfect for you.

Though jealousy and love go hand in hand and certain level of jealousy is considered healthy in any relationship. But when it exceeds from a certain point it can just ruin your relationship. Jealousy can be the root cause for breaking up with HER.

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Never Ending Troubles:
If you both feel that there is no end to fights and arguments in your relationship. One need to understand that such relationship would not go a long way. So it is better to end it up with her.

Cross Roads:
When you both are at the cross roads. This means that both are poles apart and find it hard to have similar likes and dislikes. If you are unable to have similar choices in certain matters. So this can be one of the reasons to break it up with her.

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Troublesome Girl:
One of the apt reasons to Break it up with her can be that she is a troublesome girl. She is a perfect epitome of DRAMA and nothing else.

No Faith, No Trust:
A perfect relationship cannot be formed when there is no faith and no trust in your relationship. If you doubt that your girlfriend is not a trustworthy person, you can definitely give this as a solid reason to break it up with her girlfriend.

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Thus, following are the reasons that will help you decide when to breakup it your girlfriend.