TOP 10: Conversations that Makes You Awkward


TOP 10: Conversations that Makes You Awkward

Have you ever felt awkward talking to your partner on some issues? When you are seeing someone or when you are in a committed relationship, talking for hours is just so normal. When you talk anything and everything to you partner, there would have been times when you must have felt a bit awkward. brings to you Top 10 Conversations that Couples have between them that Makes them feel Awkward.

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Top 10 Conversations that Makes You Awkward

Financial Responsibilities:
One of the most common awkward conversation between couples can be related to the financial responsibilities. In today’s time where both the partners are seen to be self dependent and are earning individually. This topic automatically becomes awkward because sometimes we come across many couples who don’t  believe in sharing the financial responsibilities together. In spite of being together they keep their personal and professional life separately. On the other hand, there are couples who share their financial responsibilities but still they find themselves in awkward situation because they had to answer each other about the details where the money has been spent.

Time For Wedding Bells:
Another point which usually creates a rift between the couples who are committed but not yet married. This topic becomes an issue between them because boys often find it difficult to make up their mind about when to finally get married. Usually it is seen in relationships that as soon as the partner raise this topic about the possibility of getting married relationship between them starts to fade.

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When you Know,’No’ is the Answer:
Each individual is different from one another. They have different Likes, Dislikes and interests. But when you are in a relationship, you no longer remain ‘You’ but ‘We’. So, whenever you either want something or you want to do something you have discuss about it with your partner. This is where the awkwardness enters into a relationship. When you know asking for somethings from them would only yield you a negative answer.  This means a ‘NO’ from them always.

To Open up to a Guy or Girl Friend:
This kind of awkward situation is seen when either you or some friend of your partner’s try to get a little close to you. It becomes very difficult for you to make your partner believe that his/her friend was trying hard to get a little extra close to you. Sometimes what happens is that when you and your partner are out together and you meet your ‘GUY’ or ‘Girl’ friends, your opening up to them make things difficult for you.

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When you are Caught:
When You ‘Lie’ and ‘You’ are Caught.’ This is the most difficult time to handle for anyone in a relationship. Usually we see that partners either hide something or lie to their partners in order to save themselves from all the Drama. But it turns out to be highly awkward for them when they are caught by their partners later.

Family Problems:
This becomes very difficult for any of them to make the other understand how disturbing it is to see their family intervening in their relationship. They hardly have any privacy between them and the family.

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Past Never Pass:
Often you may find couples who start to date saying that Your ‘Past has Passed.’ But do they really mean it? Always remember when you are in a relationship Past Never Pass.’ This is because whenever something from the past comes in the forefront of your partners that you might have not shared with them. It leads to an awkward argument between you both.

When you forget to take Precautions:
You might face an awkward situation when you forget to take precautions while getting physically involved with someone. This is because you and your partner might not be ready for such responsibility at that moment of time.

Your Ex- girlfriend/boyfriend:
Your present relationship with your partner is not enough for them as they get very keen to know everything about you. This may include slightest information about all your ex- girlfriends/ boyfriends to whom you dated in the past. This conversation can really end into a big issue if hidden from one another.

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An Awkward ‘End’:
A sudden breakup in a relationship can become an awkward ‘End‘ for any of the partners. This is because the breakup was not expected from their  partner at that point of time.

Thus, all the above mentioned conversations between the couples can make them feel awkward. Hence, these conversations may lead to fight, problems etc.To avoid such circumstances couples need to understand that “No relationship is all Sunshine, but two people can share on Umbrella and survive the Storm Together.”