To the Guy who Broke Me… I’m reading almost My Love Story

To the Guy who Broke Me… I’m reading almost My Love Story

To the guy who broke me,

I gave it my best shot. I did all that I could to save our story. I gave it my all, but I lost the only thing I wanted most.

You were not what I thought you’d be. I thought that with every effort I gave, I would have the same love returned. But alas, I cannot have been more naive. [ Read: I Know You Broke My Heart ]

I was this silent girl, who seats at the back of a classroom. I was what they call an “outsider” for I had my own little world; a world found in the pages of the books I read. Friends? I have only a few, but they were true.

To the Guy who Broke Me... I'm reading almost My Love Story -likelovequotes


Thoughts on love was purely from my own understanding of what characters in my books portrayed, stories of my friends, and observations of others. I hated love, but also wished I could have the chance to experience it. I hated the pain that love brought, but I dreamt of the butterflies in my stomach, and chaos in my brain. [ Read: How She Becomes a Broken Angel


Thats when you came in. I never expected it. I despised you because you were everything I wasn’t. You fool around as often as you can crack a corny joke, which I concluded was very often. You never seemed to carry the kind of respect I have for love. You play around with it and get over it as quickly as 1, 2, 3.

You were boisterous, I was not. You were confident, I was not. You were friendly, I definitely was not. You had a string of lovers, I only had none. But what caught my attention? [ Read: 15 Healing a Broken Heart Quotes and Sayings ]

You made me laugh. Oh, did you make me crack up. You made me feel safe. You made me feel special. You encouraged me. You were not what I expected but you still were. You gave me butterflies in my stomach. You made my organized brain a chaos. So was this it? Was this my love?

I thought so too. Although I detested the pain that love was bound to offer, I accepted you. I let you in. I did my best to prove that I was better than all your ex’s. I ignored what little friends I have. I ignored their constant warnings. I ignored their comments. Because hey, I found love. [ Read: Distance Cannot Change Our True Love ]

And found love I did, every single bit. To the joyous, magnificent ones, down to the hurt, and painful moments. Oh, how I cried! Every single tear, not because of losing you, but of the pain that I felt from every effort I wasted on the wrong person.

But you know what? You came back. I wasn’t ready to accept you. I built myself a wall. Something far thicker and taller than I had before. I was ready to push you away, but one thing clicked. “Why?” [ Read: How Do I Get Over A Broken Heart? ]

Why did you come back? Why did you leave in the first place? There are so many questions. But you’ve answered them. And I know you were telling the truth, because I can see it in your eyes. You cried, you begged, you went down on your knees and asked for forgiveness. But I already forgave you. I never held a grudge. I never were mad. I had long forgiven you. But letting you in my heart is another story. Something far more tedious and challenging than before.

But months of pushing you away, and continuing, I have got to say that you’re a strong one. You never left. Even when I begged, screamed, cried, punched, pushed you, you never left. I was giving you a hard time, and here you are, accepting everything. I did all that I could to hurt you, you stayed. Then I asked why. That was when I knew you’ve learned. That was when I knew you’d stay for sure. [ Read: Keep Your Relationship Strong With These Rules. ]

You’ve grown up. You’ve matured. And I am certain, this time, you’re here to stay.

You see, it is not our mistakes that define us, it is how we learn from them that does.

The girl who has finally accepted.